April 14, 2021


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Street Fighter 5: How to play character Rashid



Rashid uses the power of the wind to strengthen his attacks. As one might expect for a warrior with wind power, he has excellent mobility and although his walking speed is actually average, many of his special moves we have traversing properties. He has a small number of special moves, but the number of unique attacks, the movement nature, and the nature of Skill V means he’s more complex than he first appeared.

How to Play as Rashid


When you play characters with low mobility and slow speed such as Zangief, you should feel free to spam your Eagle Spikes as they will not be able to respond to you with difficult combos or even a fond punishment. worth.

Also, successful Rashid players never jump in blindly. You need to focus on annoying your opponent by using HK or EX Whirlwind Shot which can be canceled in Front Flip as well as wall jumping.

Combining these attacks will disappoint your opponent and force them to make bad decisions; always in your favor.

His V-Trigger is probably one of the most powerful things in the game, that’s why you need to get as much of it as possible. You can not only use it to expand combos but also in neutral games.

It can be used to trap opponents; for example, take down an opponent and force him or her to block Ysaar, then go in with different up / down / left / right combinations and combinations.

Skills of Rashid

V-Skill: Front Flip

He’s special in that he has two V abilities – one that sends him into the air and one that keeps him on the ground. Both have button-based tracking. Just press MP & MK, he will see him do a front-facing flip that at a screen length of 2/3 ‘or less will flip over the opponent and land on their other side. Alternatively, you can cancel one motion into another before you hit the ground:

Eagle ball in the air (Flip forward >> Any kick)

Rashid performs a dive kick. The kick button is used to determine the slope of the kick – the light kick version is almost vertical, while the heavy kick version moves most of the screen. This can be done at almost any time during the Front Flip process.

V-Skill: Rolling Assault

Holding and then pressing the V-Skill buttons caused Rashid to roll forward along the ground. This will pass through the fireballs, and will send him up half the screen from a full-screen distance. As with Front Flip, you can undo this into another move:

Nail Assault (Rolling Assault >> Any Kick)

He stretched out a kick at the end of the match. This move always kills and is a great way to punish ballistic attacks.

V-Trigger: Ysaar

His Ysaar creates a vortex high on the screen that slowly approaches the opponent on the screen. It will move at least full screen until it touches the opponent, but will only hit three times. The main idea behind this V-Trigger is to force the opponent to block – then you can use his mobility to go behind them while they are still blocking the whirlwind to launch a nasty attack.

Special Moves of Rishad


Spinning Mixer – Rashid

(Quarter Circle Forward + Punch)

Rashid launched himself forward in a vortex-like a swirling wind. The lightweight punch version moves forward across the screen, vehicles move diagonally up and forwards, while the third version is a spot jump. The first two words can be omitted, while the words are heavily variant as well as the upper part anti-air. Pressing the hole punch button while on the move will make it hit more times. There is also an EX version.

Eagle Spike

(Quarter Circle Backwards + Kick)

He flew across the screen with a mighty kick. The button used determines its travel distance, start-up speed, and its damage. Light kicks are the fastest, but also only travel short distances and do less damage; Heavy kicks have larger boots but move full screen and deal more damage. There is also an EX version.

Airborne Eagle Spike – Rashid

(Forward Jump >> Quarter Circle Backwards + Kick)

Same as above, except that Rashid moves down and diagonally forward with his kick. Like Eagle Spike out of V-Trigger, the button pressed determines the slope of his Dive. The EX version has a follow-up hit.

Whirlwind Shot – Rashid

(Quarter Circle Forward + Kick)

A small vortex is fired from one of his kicks and moves the screen – his projectile. These eddy winds start low then curl into the sky. The button is used to determine the speed and duration of the upward turbulence; Light punch is the fastest and goes farthest, heavy punch is slowest and rises much sooner. There’s also the EX version with the speed and journey of the LK version but the power of the HK version.

Critical Art (Super) – Altair

(Quarter Circle Forwards x2 + Punch)

Altair began with an initial close-range attack. If that succeeds, it will launch into a full animation – so it’s important to beat that success first. The attack is invincible for a short time at the start, and therefore, with careful practice can be used to punish opponents who come too close and press too many buttons when facing you.