April 18, 2021


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Street Fighter 5: How to play character Urien



Urien is a video game character in the Street Fighter series, making his debut in Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact. He is a ruthless former disciple of the Secret Society, outraged at the supremacy the organization delegates to his evil brother, Gill.

Character story of Urien


In his character story, Urien is in the Secret Society’s lab with Dr. Woo examining the progress of the G Project. He examined the Eleven when Woo said that cloning was done with it and that it is with this creation that the strongest warriors can be mass-produced.

He asks to fight Eleven so he thinks it’s worth it. After defeating Eleven, he commented that Eleven is no different as a loser when Woo worriedly apologizes. He told him to speed up the program to improve its potential which he agreed to while thinking about his own plan.

Later, he met Gill’s secretary, Kolin, who was under the name Helen and wanted to know her report. Helen revealed to him about Shadaloo led by M. Bison and his plan to dominate the world about Operation C.H.A.I.N.S. She also informed him of Charlie Nash’s plan to recover the corpse and she needed him to supply the empty vessel 11 in his lab.

Urien becomes worried about her actions and says she was obsessed to revive the “mud doll”. Helen tells him that Charlie’s desire for revenge against Bison and his fighting skills will serve their purpose perfectly.

He knows that the board will be motivated but it pays a price to match his design and certainly not cheap.

Helen is impressed that his conducted research is doing well beyond what was agreed from the board when he angrily refuses she tells her she shouldn’t have failed the relationship. His own mind is behind the board and he agrees to give her the empty vase she needs. the desire to revive Charlie that she highly offers.

Fighting style and abilities

Like Gill, his basic fighting style can be based on the Pankration discipline of the ancient Greek Olympics. Urien also goes through the same physical training program of the Secret Society, although his ability to grasp more advanced techniques is quite limited, as shown in his Super Technique is relatively simpler compared to the others. more advanced technique of the brother; this could also be the reason behind the special attack set based mainly on his charge.

When Gill used fire and ice, he could use lightning and make his body metallic; he can create electrified spheres similar to his brother’s projectiles, and can also use knee drops, head buffs, and similar jabs, all with the ability to shock competitor.

Moveset of Urien

Overall, he has a slightly lower attribute than Gill, thus making him more balanced when playing at higher levels; Although his basic attacks and commands share his brother’s high priority, they tend to do less damage.

Also, his size makes him vulnerable to aerial attacks from more than a few characters, such as Necro and Akuma. However, Urien still has the power to overwhelm opponents by applying constant pressure, and many of his moves are unpredictable, despite being easily hit. He also has more combo setups than the rest of the cast, giving him a variety of methods to deal high damage and stun.

In Street Fighter V, Urien maintains his moves from Street Fighter III games and gets more moves at his disposal. His Metallic Sphere is faster to cast and rushes in to deal more damage and his Chariot Tackle appears similar to Seth’s Focus Attack and its EX is particularly similar to his Super Art, Tyrant Slaughter but deals damage to his opponent in two hits.


His V skill is Metallic Aura, where it appears as an enhanced version of his Chariot Tackle where he glows in a purple light when cast. His Super Art, Aegis Reflector is his V-Trigger, it makes it a combined expander to deal more damage and also to deflect projectiles with ease.

His Critical Art is Dominant Crush, in which he unleashes the powerful Temporal Thunder and crushes his opponent by punching the ground creating a devastating red-purple thunder blast. The move is related to the victory animation in Street Fighter III, where he punches the ground creating a fiery explosion on the ground leaving himself surrounded in flames and laughing madly.