April 21, 2021


Game CMD 368

Street Fighter 5: How to play character Vega



Vega was a solid member of the old Street Fighter, but he’s never been different from the present in Street Fighter V. Most notably he is no longer a character in charge and he currently has two modes: with its icon claws and no. With his claws, he deals more raw damage, but with his claws, he gains completely new moves. The key to playing he is to find the moment to switch between your two distinct fighting styles.

How to Play as Vega


Not only is Vega an extremely agile laner, but his mid-range attacks are completely ridiculous! You need to rely on his fast walking speed to constantly engage your opponent and rush in with MK crouching.

One of the things you need to keep in mind is that his standing HP destroyed to Switching Claw will be securely protected, giving you the chance to switch to a hand position any time you want, but only with HP.

The key to winning matches against he is knowing when to switch hands. Although it’s a bit technical, his unique strategy and timing can definitely win you out instantly.

Skills of Vega

V-Skill: Matador Turn

He performs an elegant swing movement, from which a projectile or other attacks can be dodged. A follow-up attack can also be performed – simply pressing the MP / MK causes a dodge attack, but holding the buttons causes him to strike back immediately after the turn to punish the dodge attack.

V-Trigger: Bloody Kiss

He unleashes a rose like a fast-moving, full-screen bullet attack. If the rose hits, Vega then rushes behind the opponent, switching sides of the screen, and slashing his opponent. It can be thrown diagonally as an anti-aircraft attack using this V-Trigger while crouching. This V-Trigger can also be used as part of an association.

Special Moves of Vega


Flying Barcelona Attack

(Z-Motion + Punch / Forward, Down, Forward + Punch)

He flies towards the wall and jumps out of it. The direction you make the ‘Z-move’ will determine the wall you are flying towards and jumping down on. When he hits the ground again, a number of different additional moves can be made at the push of a button – and an EX version of all of these moves is available.

Claw Attack

(Flying Barcelona Attack >> Punch)

Pressing the punch as you descend will perform an aerial slash if his claw is equipped.

Inzuna Drop

(Flying Barcelona attack >> Throw)

If your opponents are also flying in the air and are near you, Vega can grab them and smash them to the ground.

Grand Izuna Drop

(Claw Off Only: Half Circle Back + Punch)

One command capture – he grapples with an opponent at close range and performs a forced flight Barcelona attack and Izuna falls on them. This is a powerful little move, but can only be used without claws.

Crimson Terror of Vega

(Quarter Circle Forward + Kick)

He launches into a relay, attacking your enemies multiple times if it catches them. The kick button is used to determine his travel distance, lightest being the shortest and heaviest farthest. There is also an EX version.

Aurora Spin Edge

(Claw On Only: Quarter Circle Back + Punch)

He does a swing with a slash, going back a bit as he does. The pressed button determines the position of the attack – Low-Touch Light Punch, Medium Punch hit at normal height, and Heavy Punch diagonally upwards, making it an anti-air strike the reaction gas. All versions were knocked out, while the EX hit at vertical height, but followed it with a second slash.

Switch Claw of Vega

(Quarter Circle Forward + Punch)

He took his claw if it was equipped – his default – and put it back on if you had removed it. This will take a while for a visit, so be careful.

Critical Art (Super) – Altair

(Quarter Circle Forwards x2 + Punch)

Vega darted across the screen, like his flying Barcelona strike, trying to catch the opponent with a downswing to pull them into a painful slash. While it looks like a claw control move, this does the same damage regardless of whether or not you equip the claw.