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Streets of Rogue Guide – Useful Beginners’ Tips And Tricks

Streets of Rogue

Streets of Rogue

Streets of Rogue has finally been released during circulation in Early Access. This deep, original forge lets you choose one of 24 classes and fight, steal, and wreak havoc your way through increasingly challenging levels. Like many in the genre, Streets of Rogue has a ton of systems and mechanics to learn that, when mastered, will help you stay alive and further down the road.

The Best Class For Started

Streets of Rogue

The Hacker class is said to be one of the easiest classes to progress in the game thanks to their remote abilities. You can often break in from inside a completely different building and go completely unnoticed. Hack a mirror and you can spawn a clone for free, very effective for throwing enemies out of your scent. Hackers can also disable security and activate explosive traps on enemies.

If Hacker doesn’t appeal, look for more traditional, combat-focused characters like Soldier or Werewolf. Enemies get tougher as you progress through the Streets of Rogue, so having strong firepower is always beneficial. Slum Dweller is another simple class for straightforward and effective selection.

Don’t Kill Everyone

Unless you have a good reason to do so – and you sometimes do – don’t just go around blindly attacking everyone in the game. Usually, you can find a path of least resistance in which you can avoid too many casualties and thus reduce the risk to yourself. For the guys, you have to kill, try stealth methods where possible. For example, placing contaminants in a building’s ventilation system – even non-lethal ones, like cigarettes – will cause occupants to evacuate.

Don’t Hoard Your Stuff

Streets of Rogue

While it’s a bit strategic with using your good loot, don’t take it too seriously – Rogue’s unpredictable rogue nature means you never know what’s going to happen next. If an item can save your skin now, use it, don’t worry about whether you’ll need it later. Inventory management can also be an issue as you get more and more into the fray, which is only exacerbated by unnecessarily clinging to too many items.

This tip also works – don’t be afraid to stock up on the medical supplies and equipment you need. There’s no benefit to being a Scrooge when you’re dead prepared.

Exploit Weapon Switching

Switching weapons slows down the duration temporarily. If the on-screen action gets too intense, you can use this to your advantage – keep changing weapons and you’ll create some kind of puzzling bullet time, giving you some time. Time for you  to breathe and deal with the situation at hand.

Try Every Character Once

Streets of Rogue

While some of the above are good starting points, you should really get each character involved at least once. Each has its own unique abilities, pros, and cons, and you might be surprised by how different some of them play. Not only can you avoid a character that best suits your play style, but you’ll also miss out if you don’t experience the wide variety of classes available in Streets of Rogue.

Focus On Looting

There are many containers scattered throughout the levels of Streets of Rogue. Don’t just rush through the goals – take your time to get as much food, money and items as you can from the trash and other containers, as this will pay off later in the process you perform.