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Heroes of the Storm: Stukov Talent Build Guide


Stukov is a high utility solo Healer who offers great area control. His special resilience relies on using the Bio-Kill Switch at the right time. Although his skills are very powerful, their use needs to be carefully planned for maximum efficiency. He has limited mobility and should not roam on his own. He is designed to assist his allies and would not function well without them.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Stukov



  • You can silence enemies with the Arm of Cover
  • Has a special multi-target healing ability through Bio-Kill Switch and Healing Pathogen
  • Basic attack very strong
  • Can remove enemies from the range of teamfights by teammates with Massive Shove
  • The skill ceiling is very high but easy to learn


  • Hard to master
  • Slow attack speed can lead to poor single target DPS
  • Bio-Kill Switch has a long cooldown; Abuse is inexcusable
  • Lack of mobility

Talent Build

Standard Bio-kill Build

Biological Standards development focuses on enhancing his characteristics. Spore response Ballistospores and Spine Launcher are both situational and financially dependent on the enemy team composition. If they have a diving hero, then Reactive Ballistospores is the correct talent, otherwise Spine Launcher would be recommended. Target Elimination will allow Stukov to use his traits more often, leading to both healing and damage / CC through Weighted Pustule.

Weighted Pustule Build

The Weighted Pustule build focuses on his increased healing and crowd control. The idea with Stukov is to destroy enemy champions with your Weighted Pustule and Lurking Arm combo. At level 13, when he gets a Toxic Reaction, that’s when his powers shine through. Fetid Touch can significantly reduce Weighted Pustule’s cooldown and eliminate Mana cost entirely.

Long Pitch allows you to apply pustules from a larger range, opening up the opportunity to apply them to multiple Heroes with each use. Your level 4 talent will depend on the composition of the enemy team. Against a dive team, Biotic Armor or Vi Strong Reuptake would be better options.

Lurking Arms Build

The Lurking Arms build is focused on supporting your team with an additional CC. This build will shine if your party composition includes heroes with trusty CC, allowing you to get full Pest Development time in it and making it safe to take down enemy champions.

Synergies and Counters


Synergizes with:

He is strong with Heroes who fight near their allies, as opposed to Heroes who will plunge out of range of the Healing Agent. He is also strong with Heroes who are able to use some form of Saber because he has the ability to slow down freely.

Countered by:

He was resisted by highly mobile Heroes who could break his control area. Lacking any form of Purification, Heroes capable of controlling multiple crowds were also effective against him.

Maps of Stukov

He is great on congested maps and on maps with two lanes. The Lurking Arm offers plenty of area control in tight areas, while the Healing Pathogen excels at healing large allied groups. Stukov did not perform poorly on many maps.