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Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League – Things We Know So Far

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

Are you excited to learn more about Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League? It’s fair to say if you’re a DC fan, there are a few big games to look forward to in the not-too-distant future. Announced at the DC Fandome rollout in 2020, we heard we were going to have two superhero and villain games soon. Gotham Knights will follow several Bat Families while the game will have us tag along with some of our favorite villains.

Release date

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League will launch sometime in 2022, though Warner Bros hasn’t announced a specific date. 

Kill The Justice League was originally announced for 2022, while WB’s other DC game Gotham Knights was planned for 2021. Knights has since been delayed to 2022, and as far as we know they’re now both coming sometime next year.

Gameplay – Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

In an interview following the reveal trailer, Rocksteady’s creative director Sefton Hill said that Kill The Justice League is a mix of their previous Arkham games and some “strong, awesome gunfights.” great.”

Rocksteady’s Hill also mentions weapons that you’ll develop throughout the game, possibly referring to each villain’s signature weapon customization or upgrade system.

Rocksteady has also confirmed that Metropolis is an open world, hill calls it the game’s “fifth character,” in the way they’ve approached Gotham in previous games.


Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is part of the Arkhamverse, which means it carries the story of the Arkham Knights. Batman is out of the picture (but don’t confuse this with Gotham Knights) and the story will start in Metropolis instead of Gotham.

We don’t know much about what’s happening in Metropolis from the reveal trailer, but it looks pretty messy. On top of that, it looks like Superman has turned rogue. Based on the game’s title, he’s probably not the only one.

In the trailer, the Rangers receive tactical instruction from their boss, task force founder Amanda Waller. If you’re not familiar with the Suicide Squad, their motives for staying in line and in flames, are deadly nano bombs that are injected into their heads when Waller introduces them to the crew.

Characters  – Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

Officially known as Task Force X, the Suicide Squad sends dangerous supervillains on equally dangerous missions in exchange for reduced prison sentences. The government black-ops squad has several members in the DC expanded universe. Kill The Justice League will feature four members of the team: Harley Quinn, Deadshot, King Shark, and Captain Boomerang.

What we’ve seen so far isn’t a gameplay trailer by any means, but you can spot a lot of bits that tell us each of the Squad is likely to play as to how. Harley Quinn uses a baseball bat at close range but can move quickly with two grappling shots. Deadshot has an arsenal of a variety of guns that he can shoot while flying around with a jet pack. Captain Boomerang clearly has a boomerang. It appears to act as both a weapon and a personal teleportation device. He also has a shotgun.

Then there’s the King Shark. He has huge teeth, giant arms, and a hand-held turret – truly a terrifying combination of threats.