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Summoner Specialist Mordekaiser Top lane in League of Legends patch 10.13

Mordekaiser top lane

Mordekaiser top lane

Guide the way how to play Mordekaiser top lane equip items and summoner specialist Mordekaiser top lane in League of League patch 10.13. One of the strongest gladiators in the top lane since being remade.

Since the remake, Mordekaiser has always been one of the most favorite Fighters, used both in the mid and jungle. However, the top lane is still the most popular Mordekaiser. If played properly, Mordekaiser will be a scary Tanker that can be 1 vs 2 or 1 vs 3 in the late game.

Mordekaiser top lane


Conqueror is still the number one choice for Mordekaiser top lane thanks to the ability to heal and damage from this summoner. Although Conqueror is nerfed, it is still the best summoner for a Gladiator like Mordekaiser.

Triumph will help players survive 1 vs2 or even 1v3 confrontations. Legend: Attack Speed gives players a better laning. But in the mid and late game, Legend: Tenacity will help you resist CC and survive longer in combat. Final last stand suitable for a tanker always in the front barrier like Mordekaiser top lane.  In the sub-branch, Domination is still the number 1 choice. Ravenous hunter and Taste of Blood will greatly increase Mordekaiser’s healing ability.

Besides Precision + Domination, the Accurate + Consistent build is also becoming more and more popular. Reinforcement and Spread are preferred options to increase the champion’s stamina.


To begin with the advantages of Mordekaiser top lane, after a lot of adjustments, Mordekaiser has a new skill set. Mordekaiser became an extremely powerful and powerful mage with the internal Darkness Rise.

The amount of magic damage Mordekaiser top lane can inflict is enormous. Not only from equipment but also from normal attacks with Darkness’s Rise, and Obliterate (Q), moreover, Mordekaiser can also kill brand-wide

Mordekaiser has a hard in the laning phase as well as in combat. He is extremely impressing with the indestructible (W) – can both absorb damage, and can become blood. It makes Mordekaiser very good benefit when exchanging skills with opponents, defeating Mordekaiser is not a simple thing. Mordekaiser top lane is not afraid of any opponent fighter. Because the Dead’s Grasp (E) has the ability to penetrate magic. This is also a skill to control the opponent’s pull.

Mordekaiser top lane possesses the ultimate of the Ream of Death (R) with the ability to choose an extremely powerful 1vs1 solo target. More than that, he can steal the power of enemies.

On the other hand, Mordekaiser top lane has some disadvantages such as Mordekaiser has no really strong hard-control skills. Mordekaiser’s skill sets have a short range. In addition, Mordekaiser also does not have the skills to surf, jump to run. 


Unlike Illaoi or Aatrox who are required to deal with damage to champions in order to recover. With his Critical Armor (W) skill, he will have a system to store charging points. Whenever dealing with damage or receiving damage from any source. (30% of damage dealt and 15% of damage taken) to convert to shield or heal yourself.

The Mordekaiser top lane now has the option of activating. For the first time to get the same amount of shields as the charge. He has to fight-till-death in a duel with enemy champions. Afterward, retreat and repeatedly cast Obliterate (Q) on minions to charge and wait for this skill to recover. Casting twice to turn 40% of the shield into the blood for yourself (up to 50% at the last level). Besides, his skill set does not cost resources to use.

Mordekaiser top lane can completely take the strongest of the enemy team out of combat in 7 seconds. Turning that fight into 4vs4 and will be extremely beneficial if the enemy team loses its main damage.

The turret will still shoot you if you deal damage to enemy champion or within its attack range even within your Realm of Death. However, if you have an ally outside to attract the attention of the turret, you will not have to worry about using the ultimate to mince any illusion. You can also use the ultimate to interrupt the enemy’s chosen attacks on that ally.