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Suning Gaming vs LGD Gaming result at LPL Summer 2020

Suning Gaming vs LGD gaming Highlights All Games LPL Summer Season 2020 W5D3

Suning Gaming vs LGD gaming Highlights All Games LPL Summer Season 2020 W5D3

SofM had a perfect victory against their partner Peanut in the match between Suning Gaming vs LGD Gaming at the LPL Summer 2020.


LGD Gaming is currently one of the best performing teams to date of the LPL Summer 2020. This is really a huge challenge for Suning Gaming. Even so, SofM and his teammates continued to show great maturity when they won the 2-0 victory.

In Suning Gaming vs LGD Gaming match, Suning completely dominated in the first game. It was at this time that SofM once again demonstrated the diverse transformation in his play. In front of a major guard squad and strong fighting of LGD Gaming with cards like Yuumi, Galio, or Volibear. Suning Gaming jungler chose a strange full tank equipped for Lee Sin.

This style of play really works when turning “Blind Monk” into the third shield of Suning Gaming. Turning LGD Gaming from the team with the advantage of resistance and fighting, falling into a weak position. Because Lee Sin in the hands of SofM is difficult to defeat. He has the ability to attack and break a very strong squad.¬†

Meanwhile, on LGD Gaming, Peanut’s jungler Volibear was still very active. But this team’s less mobile team showed weaknesses in team fights. In the match between¬† Sunning Gaming vs LGD Gaming, LGD Gaming loses 1- 0.


In the 2nd round, LGD Gaming made a slight exchange when taking Lee Sin for Peanut, and SofM chose Trundle. LGD Gaming applied a very aggressive jungle invasion tactic to prevent SofM’s momentum from gaining momentum and was successfully satisfied.

Suning Gaming is forced to defend and lose many advantages. However, when the match seemed to be going to the third game, in the situation of fighting at the 27 minutes dragon. Angel shined brightly with an Azir combo knocking back 3 LGD Gaming members. The whole Suning Gaming swarms up to attack and easily wipe out enemies.

The advantage of this was also transferred to Suning Gaming. They easily took the Baron, switched to the offensive position, and won the match with a 2-0 victory.

The victory over LGD Gaming was the 5th victory of SofM and teammates at the LPL Summer 2020. It helps them temporarily climb to the 5th position on the rankings. But on the whole of the meaning of the score, defeating LGD Gaming also shows that Suning games have shown signs of overcoming their inherent disadvantages. This is like fighting chicken with a hair when it is ahead.

Angel’s shining situation is actually the result of a series of moves slowly and maintaining a solid lineup. Making LGD Gaming unable to snowball the game and forced to enter the team fight. Where Suning Gaming was ready to wait and then have to accept defeat heartily dress.