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Suning vs ⁠Victory Five Prediction – LPL Summer – 07/27

Suning vs ⁠Victory Five Prediction

Suning vs ⁠Victory Five Prediction

Suning vs ⁠Victory Five prediction on July 27, 2021. There is no need to argue much about the difference between Suning and Victory Five in this match. No matter how bad Suning plays in the group stage of this LPL Summer 2021 season, they are still much more appreciated than Victory Five.

Suning Overview

Suning had a very good match against FunPlus Phoenix but in the end, they still could not get the overall victory and received defeat after three games. Despite losing in the last match, Suning also showed the fans that they are gradually regaining their peak performance.

The sublime streak that brought Suning back to the race at the LPL 2021 Summer Season was terminated after a 1-2 loss to the reigning runner-up FunPlus Phoenix in the 13th round. With 21 points being obtained from With 7 wins and 6 losses, Suning is still temporarily getting 8th place, but nothing can guarantee that the world runner-up in 2020 will definitely get a spot in the top 10 when 21 points are still at the top of the list. what the team in 11th place is Oh My God has.

Victory Five Overview

Absolutely nothing unexpected happened in Victory Five’s recent matches. With their extremely bad form, the Victory Five players are still continuing to extend their losing streak from the beginning of the group stage to eleven. It must be said that this is an extremely bad achievement and completely ruined the hopes of entering the playoffs of the Victory Five players.

Victory Five has extended its record of no wins and no points at all ongoing professional tournaments to 12 consecutive rounds, and of course with 0 points from this unprecedented series of achievements. The bottom position at the LPL 2021 Summer Season is difficult for anyone to compete with Victory Five at this time. They also officially became the first name to be eliminated from the tournament after finishing the group stage when they were 21 points behind the top 10 when the group only played 4 more matches.

Suning vs ⁠Victory Five prediction

Suning is still in danger and facing the Victory Five at this time will be the best solution to help them overcome the crisis, and with the level of a team with top-quality expertise in the Chinese region as well as in the world, Suning will hardly be able to let go of such an easy victory. The match will take place at a fast pace, Suning will also receive a lot of support from Victory Five’s relaxed attitude and thereby quickly end both games in under 1 hour. 

The house does not think that at this important stage, the Suning players will make any unfortunate mistakes before their opponents are completely inferior to them. This confrontation will most likely end with an overwhelming victory of Suning with a score of 2-0.

Suning vs ⁠Victory Five bet prediction

Suning vs ⁠Victory Five total score prediction:

  • Game 1: Suning
  • Game 2: Suning

Total score 2-0

First Kill:

  • Game 1: Victory Five
  • Game 2: Suning

Total Kill point:

  • Game 1: Suning 16-11 ⁠Victory Five
  • Game 2: Suning 15-5 Victory Five

First Dragon Kill:

  • Game 1: Suning
  • Game 2: Suning

First Baron Kill:

  • Game 1: Suning
  • Game 2: Suning


Suning: Bin, Huanfeng, Sofm, Angel, ON⁠

Victory Five: Invincible, Pzx, Uniboy, Kepler, ZYF