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Suning vs FunPlus Phoenix Prediction – NEST 2021 – 11/11

Suning vs FunPlus Phoenix Prediction

Suning vs FunPlus Phoenix prediction on November 11, 2021. The match between FPX vs SN is evaluated in favor of FPX. Despite a pathetic performance at Worlds, Phoenix’s strength in the region is undisputed.

Suning Overview

Suning vs FunPlus Phoenix Prediction

In LPL Summer 2021, Suning had to compete with many other big opponents for a place at Worlds 2021 and they could not succeed. This year, the LPL still has 4 places to attend, but the competition between the teams is increasing. 

In addition to the big forces that have confirmed themselves in the Spring Split such as RNG, FPX, EDG, TES, other teams are also constantly adding forces. SN still kept their lineup after being transferred to Weibo. With a new sponsor and better economic potential, we can fully hope for a new future for SN. NEST will be a good tournament for SN to find a way to develop the lineup.

FunPlus Phoenix Overview

Suning vs FunPlus Phoenix Prediction

The strength of FPX lies in finishing quickly and not giving the opponent the opportunity to flip the bet. With a team of players with great personal skills, FPX is not afraid, always ready to exchange skills with opponents in the same lane. FPX possesses all the conditions to help them become the champion of LPL Summer 2021. 

What they need to do is use them properly. However, FPX fell to EDG in the finals. The only weakness that prevents FPX from showing its full potential lies in the ability to synergize the jungle with other singles. The fact that Tian and Lwx didn’t show much at Worlds is causing the whole FPX team to be criticized a lot. NEST will be an opportunity for them to find the best feeling of competition.

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Suning vs FunPlus Phoenix Prediction

The possibility of reaching the finals of the Summer Split is the clearest proof. This will be a very good rubbing for both Sofm as well as Tian. Is an opportunity for Sofm to prove himself or Tian to find himself after long injuries. 

However, it is possible that FPX will give BO a chance when this guy is expected to replace Tian in the next season. Both are not easy opponents for the top half of SN. 

Suning vs FunPlus Phoenix Prediction

Angel with his sure fighting style will not lose too much compared to Doinb. But his mutation level is far behind the Korean guy. With a fast-paced meta like the current one, SN’s controlling playstyle will face many difficulties. 

If they can hold out through the first 25 minutes, Sofm or Bin will be able to make the mark or at least Huanfeng will take the damage. In fact, this is still a very difficult bet for the lions, the predicted result is a victory for FPX.

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Suning vs FunPlus Phoenix Bet Prediction

Suning vs FunPlus Phoenix total score prediction:

  • Game 1: FPX

Total score 1-0

First blood:

  • Game 1: FPX

First Dragon:

  • Game 1: SN

Total kills:

  • Game 1: FPX 15 – 7 SN

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FPX: Nuguri, Lwx, Tian, Doinb, Crisp

SN: Bin, Huanfeng, Sofm, Angel, ON