July 28, 2021


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Suning vs Rare Atom prediction – LPL 2021 Spring Season

Suning vs Rare Atom prediction

Suning vs Rare Atom prediction on Jan 20, 2020. This spring’s LPL is exciting, with the most anticipated names all but more disappointing.

Suning overview

Suning vs Rare Atom prediction

The second-round defeat to Royal Never Give Up revealed a lot of Suning’s weaknesses. The defending world runner-ups were unable to react promptly to the opponent’s top lane picks.

Last season MVP LPL, SofM is probably experiencing psychological problems after inheriting the captain’s armband left by SwordArt. The ability to move, control fighting is no longer perfect as before, causing the remaining young members of Suning to lose more than the opponent.

But anyway, Suning will still face a great opportunity to regain their sense of victory when their upcoming rival is Rare Atom. This team was originally Vici Gaming, the name did not perform well last season.

Rare Atom overview

In the opening game of the current season, Rare Atom faces the defending Top Esports champions. True, losing to this opponent is not a huge defeat. But the problem is that Rare Atom was extremely blurred, and almost completely suffered in both games.

Suning vs Rare Atom prediction

Remember at the Demacia Cup last month, Suning went straight to the quarterfinals against Rare Atom, the first team in Group B. The results brought a big surprise when Rare Atom won convincingly with a score of 3-0.  At that time, the failure caused Suning to face many doubts from the charismatic world, and SwordArt’s departure left a huge void.

Anyway, it was still a tournament that didn’t mean too much, and Suning had completely dismissed his doubts after his impressive performance against Top Esports in their LPL Spring debut. Basically, the remaining pillars of Suning, Bin, and AD carry Huanfeng are still playing well and showing their level. Due to the Suning vs Rare Atom prediction experts, they will be the key to Suning’s victory in the next match.

Suning vs Rare Atom result prediction

Suning vs Rare Atom prediction

Most likely, this match will start to struggle without either side really taking the initiative to find an overwhelming advantage soon. SofM is still the same, the ability to control and play as a 2nd support is still something this player does well. Suning’s playstyle will still depend a lot on this player’s performance. But they also have a solid top lane to expect to fight even in the context of ineffective SofM.

First Blood

  • Game 1: Rare Atom
  • Game 2: Rare Atom
  • Game 3: Suning

First 10 kill points

  • Game 1: Suning
  • Game 2: Rare Atom
  • Game 3: Suning

Therefore, it is difficult for the jungler to have a low performance that leads Suning to an overwhelming and quick victory. But it seems that they still have the superiority of the individuals, as well as the competitive bravery that has been well trained after the victories in the last world finals. Therefore, as the Suning vs Rare Atom prediction experts thought, the result is in favor of Suning with a score of 2-1.

Predict playing time: Game 1 over 32 minutes, game 2 and game 3 under 32 minutes per game

  • Predict for handicap () and total kills (27.5)
  • Game 1: Suning 18 – 11 Rare Atom (choose Suning – Over)
  • Game 2: Suning 9 – 16 Rare Atom (choose Rare Atom – Under)
  • Game 3: Suning 16 – 6 Rare Atom (choose Suning – Under)
  • The match score of Suning vs Rare Atom prediction: 2-1