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Sunning Gaming vs Vici Gaming result 7/8: SofM reclaim the top 4

Sunning Gaming vs Vici Gaming result 7/8

Sunning Gaming vs Vici Gaming result 7/8

Sunning Gaming vs Vici Gaming result 7/8 – The confrontation between Sunning Gaming vs Vici Gaming belongs to the second match of Week 10, Day 5 of LPL 2020 tournament. This is one of the last matches of the 10th week of the tournament. It also has one of the matches that many fans of the League of Legends look forward to.

Sunning Gaming vs Vici Gaming result 7/8 in LPL Summer 2020 tournament
Sunning Gaming vs Vici Gaming result 7/8 in LPL Summer 2020 tournament


The match still a back-to-back scenario that made fans “heartbeat and trembling”, but Suning finally won their 11th victory at the LPL Summer 2020 season, and this time against Vici Gaming – Team The recruitment is led by the legendary kkOma.

Sunning Gaming vs Vici Gaming result 7/8

Against a very thirsty Vici Gaming, Suning had many difficulties despite being the top team. On a rare day of competition where Angel shone, Suning still lost game 1 due to the annoyance of the new general Lillia in VG’s hands, and the overpowered Ashe used by iBoy.

Entering the next two games, the game continued to be maintained with the tension between the two teams, but the difference from the position of Jungle, the same day of sublimation of Angel, helped Sunning win. Island in game 2, and ended the match despite being consistently ahead in game 3.

The students of the legendary coach kkOma, despite their efforts, but when faced with a Suning playing in the right form as they have shown since the beginning of the summer, even iBoy or Leyan have to let go of their mouse helplessly.


Although there is definitely a playoff slot, improving position in the standings is still very important for SofM and teammates. The difference between the top 4 and top 5 is that the top 4 teams will have less one Bo5, and if anyone remembers Snake’s situation in the 2016 regional qualifiers, this advantage will definitely be important to teams “under projection” like.

SofM won MVP in Suning's win using gladiator champions
SofM won MVP in Suning’s win using gladiator champions

The final match of the LPL Summer 2020 group stage that Suning will experience is the match against FunPlus Phoenix. If it was before, no one would have dared to think of a victory for SofM and his teammates, but looking at the position in the current two teams’ rankings, it seems that Suning’s ability to defeat the defending world champion. is entirely possible, and ending the group stage with a resounding victory is definitely something the whole team will look forward to.

SofM in this confrontation did not disappoint his fans as he won Sunning Gaming. If in the next few stages SofM can turn the situation one more time to win, we will watch in the next matches.

Sunning Gaming vs Vici Gaming result 7/8 full time has 2 – 1