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Mini League of Legends Guide: Super Assassin Katarina

how to play Katarina

how to play Katarina

Katarina is a champion that can carry the team very well in the League of Legends arena. In this article, we will learn how to play Katarina well.

how to play Katarina
how to play Katarina


According to many professional League of Legends players, Katarina is one of the best choices to climb single/double rank. The reason is that this champion has strong snowball ability, extremely maneuverable in ganking phase reverses, and can reverse the game with just a precise combo phase.

However, using Kataria proficiently is not easy, especially with the passive that helps reduce cooldown when destroying/assisting kill enemy heroes, you will need to properly standardize each time situation.


To be able to understand how to play Katarina well, players should pay attention to one of the good supporting jewels for this female assassin.

Full of summoner specialist of Katarina
Full of summoner specialist of Katarina

Katarina has the following types of jewels that complement her powers:

  • Red Ruby: +0.87 Mark of magic penetration (9 members)
  • Blue Jade: +1.34 Glyph of magic Resist (9 rounds)
  • Gold Jade: +1.33 HP seal of scaling Health (9 members)
  • Amethyst: +4.95 Quint of ability power (3 members)

We can evaluate that: Transcendent Magical Red and Magical Power will increase Katarina’s damage, which is very helpful in the early stages. Blue Gem can be considered replaced by increasing magic power by level if facing you on the road is physical damage. At that time, you will also need to replace your Gold Gems with your level of health into Gold Gems plus 1 Armor.


Supplementary Table of Katarina
Supplementary Table

As a champion that doesn’t need energy, the utility isn’t nearly as useful to Katarina. So, 21-9-0 is probably the most appropriate way to increase. Meanwhile, Katarina will have more toughness to resist the pseudo-coming from the opponent during the road phase.


At the first levels, Katarina almost has to farm troops from afar with (Q) skill, so it should be maximized soon. You can also poke the opponent pretty well by spamming this skill (no energy required).

Katarina’s next wide-area damage skill is (W), prioritizing the next maximum boost. (E) is just a skill to help Katarina approach the opponent as well as run away from ganks, just increase 1 point in the early stages. The ultimate move naturally increases the level.


In the beginning, as a champion, you will encounter many difficulties when traveling. Try to last hit as much as possible, use (Q) to eat soldiers from far away. If the opponent is trying to get up to peck your blood, use Q to counterattack. Remember, you have up to 4 health potions and you use the skill at no cost.

With the poking phase that you feel dangerous, can cost me a large amount of blood, use E on soldiers to dodge. In general, Katarina’s way of fighting is farming, keeping blood.

Katarina is the best choice for the player when you want to become an assassin
the best choice for the player when you want to become an assassin

When you reach level 6, try to find ways to gank other roads to earn your life. The early Shoes, the ability to move your much better than colleagues across the front line. Remember, with Katarina, you can’t always farm in the lane.

Once you have some basic items, Katarina will become a terrible threat and the opponent will definitely pay special attention to you. Do not take the initiative to start a fight, let your team fight first and make sure the opponent has exhausted your ult. At that time, with just the standard combo, Katarina can help the team flip the spectacular.