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Super Dungeon Maker Guide – Some Tips To Build A Trap Room

Super Dungeon Maker

In Super Dungeon Maker, you take on the role of a chicken, let’s create a dungeon! This is a new indie game from the developer’s Firechick that includes no solo campaign – just the Nonstop Dungeon Building.

Split Up A Trap Room – Super Dungeon Maker

Super Dungeon Maker 2

The most basic traps can be overcome in a single room with just a little thought. The best traps require the player to navigate the dungeon to find the tools they will need to overcome the challenge.

This adds way more layers to a trap than requiring them to navigate around obstacles once they’ve entered a room. A trap solution spread across multiple rooms will require players to use their speed, recollection, and focus, among other skills!

In the example above from the user in the game Nitox, the player needs to get through the gaps to reach the chest behind the Spinning Statue, which will provide a power-up that will allow them to get through a trap elsewhere in the dungeon.

Make Back-Tracking Easier

Super Dungeon Maker 1

Depending on how you develop the traps in your dungeon, your player may need to go back through several rooms (or a lot of them) to return to the main path. It’s handy if the item they get once they complete a puzzle or deal with a trap makes returning easier to do. For example, if trap rooms include several spinning statues, the item they’re looking for could be a shield.

In the image above from a dungeon by the user in Super Dungeon Maker Cameronjk, there are numerous small lakes and Quicksands that the player must navigate around while they deal with traps and solve puzzles. Once the player gains the ability to power up feathers, however, these spaces can be crossed without concern. It gives players a sense of progression to easily go through the rooms they used to have trouble with.

Make The Traps Harder

It’s a common tactic in video games to teach players, simple mechanics, before combining them to make more complex puzzles and traps. Many of us are familiar with this concept, so why not use it in your own trap room of Super Dungeon Maker?

In the example above from a dungeon by the game user Mugen26stuysceowijou, each room is a long corridor consisting of traps to pass. Every time you reach the end of the room, you are thrust into an even tougher challenge. New mechanics are added on top of each other until the last room, which is a chaotic (but fun!) mess of traps and enemies!

Create Secrets – Super Dungeon Maker

Super Dungeon Maker

There’s no reason every player needs to explore everything in your dungeon. Indeed, if you want to reward curious and/or keen-eyed players, consider adding more secrets for them to uncover that could reward them with an ongoing edge. This might look like…

  • The side rooms have extra hearts for players who notice a hidden crack in the wall
  • A puzzle that adds an unnecessary challenge to completing the dungeon, but gives the player a useful power-up, like a shield
  • Hide unnecessary items but useful items in places that would require a lot of backtracking for the player

In the example above from a dungeon by a user in a nitrox game, perhaps the player doesn’t need anything in the chest in the center, but if they find a powerful but unneeded feather-strength before In the level, they can get a sweet reward.