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TFT: Guidelines for playing the latest Super tech team with the main Vayne

Super tech team

Super tech team

The TFT has a huge update in the mid-season with significant changes, additions, and deletion of different tribes. The Super Tech lineup has a Vayne champion, the damage this champion is very large, this will be a true carry for this team. Here, we will send you all instructions detailing how to play the Super Tech team with Vayne as the main force.

Early game – Super Tech team

Super tech team

You can start with the trio of Technologies + Pioneers: Lucian + Leona + Poppy (Moderkaise) + Fiora.

Lucian will carry the team very well at this stage.

Always prioritize picking Gauntlets => to be able to hack equipment for the generals

=> Always note: tear off the equipment for the champion.

Mid game

Super tech team

Next, you try to catch Vayne and build things for Vayne always. Vayne is not picky, so you can have a lot of matching options, giving priority to Vayne 1, and besides, it can be items related to physical damage and crit or attack speed. Sword, Angel Armor, Artillery cannon or Blue bow (if the enemy team has many pioneers) …

When there are not enough 6 super technologies, can play the same team with 4 super technologies combined with 2 generals in the space, we have more gladiator and gunner buffs.

Upgrade your summoned beast to level 7 as soon as possible.

When level 7, you often roll Irelia or Ekko sword (replacing Blitzcrank’s position) and other super tech champions to complete yourself 6 super technology.

Next, you have 2 options, up to your summoned beast level or roll for Vayne if there is no competition.

Late game

When you level up your summoned beasts to level 8 and level 9, you can add to the Thresh squad to gain space buffs and hackers. Or maybe add Ezreal to take Time and Gunner buffs, optimize the red buff effect from Lucian. Or you can add 2 gunner slots at level 9 to optimize the amount of dame that Vayne causes.

If you finish this Super Tech team early, the top 1 is very close to you already.

Unlike the previous Super-Tech roster that we will put items for Irelia, but now we will focus around Vayne, the risk of the Super-Tech squad is significantly reduced when we are easy to complete. 6 super technology than the previous version. Vayne is a new champion, so she’s still at fault, so please take advantage of the rank with this champion before getting nerf.