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Tips increasing your surviving the road LOL by First Blood

Tips increasing your surviving the road LOL by First Blood

Tips increasing your surviving the road LOL by First Blood

Surviving the road and not losing your life in the early laning phase of the game in League of Legends is one of the important keys to help you have more chances to win in the second half of the game and lead to the final victory.

Killing and surviving the road is an integral part of League of Legends games. Usually, players get knocked out more than once in each match. But dying repeatedly is a terrible thing that no one wants.

In fact, most players die more than the number of lives allowed. If killed in time, the cost may be a painful failure. Surviving the road is important because it will allow you to build a solid foundation for the late game.

Choose the correct start equipment – surviving the road

One of the most effective ways to keep surviving the road is to make sure you buy the correct starting item.
When you are facing long-term enemies or putting in strong damage. You may need a defensive starting item rather than attacking.

There are many different scenarios and situations that can affect your starting equipment choice. In many cases, experience plays a big part in decision-making. You need to make sure that whatever champion you’re playing benefits from the starting items you choose. That it suits the enemy you face in surviving the road. It would be futile to choose Renekton’s Doran Sword if he was in danger of being bullied before he could exchange techniques with his enemies.

Players who do not realize how much influence they have in multiplying First Blood and keeping their surviving the road sometimes overlook Initial equipment. Some champions don’t have more than one choice, but most of them are possible. However, Renekton can choose between the Doran Sword or the Doran Shield.

If you choose the wrong starting equipment, you can be defeated or bullied to the point of having to return to healing. Your acquisition of First blood will disappear and it will be difficult to keep surviving the road. You will begin to experience and gold from farming minions. Thereby creating an advantage for the opponent that you can hardly catch. Moreover, they will have the opportunity to reach the level and buy important equipment before you. This allows them to exchange more beneficial tactics and have the right to decide the pace of the lane. 

Level up before your traveling opponent

At the beginning of the game, you need to make sure you always level up at the same time or before the enemy to protect surviving the road. If you do not level up, the enemy may hinder you in farming and experience. In addition, they may try to exchange tactics and fight with you. It is common to die at level 2 or level 3 when facing a strong early game champion like Talon, Lucian, Riven, Darius, or Pantheon. Being on the same level as an enemy will help you eliminate their pressure. Because they won’t have a skill advantage.

The easiest way to achieve this is to make sure you always reach the level before or at the same time as the enemy in League of Legend. In a single lane like mid or top lane, try to get all 6 minions of the first wave plus 1 melee minion of the second round. For the Bot lane, it’s the first 9 minions including the first wave and the next 3 melee minions in the second round.

In League of Legends, If you have to assist the jungler, you must leave before 1:38 am to ensure not to lose the first 3 melee troops. If the lane is too slow, you will miss the opportunity to level up at the 7th minion (in the case of a single lane) or the 9th minion (in the case of double track). If the enemy has more items than you, you need to play safely and back away to keep surviving the road. Since enemies are on a higher level than you, they will have an advantage in skills over yourself.