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Heroes of the Storm: Sylvanas Talent Build Guide


Sylvanas is a Ranger Assassin. Her unique ability to Stun buildings through the Black Arrow Icon and a number of Talent-oriented map control options reward players with a powerful macro-driven approach for the game. However, her mediocre damage must be compensated for by decisive kills, however, she can be overwhelmed in prolonged teamfights.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Sylvanas



  • Improved survivability of certain Map Targets via Black Arrow
  • Waveclear effective with unstable poison
  • Flexible and powerful Hero Abilities options


  • Weak early game
  • Inability to cause selective damage; often get stuck when it comes to targeting what’s closest
  • Low maximum health; easily attacked by other mobile Assassins

Talent Build of Sylvanas

Sustained Basic Attack Build

This sustained damage build uses a number of Talents to improve her basic attacks, including Overwhelming Pain and No Regret. This synergy allows her to take down any target in range, including the Tank.

Single-Target Burst Build

Revolving around Windrunner, this build seeks to continuously use a buffed Wilted Flame to take down individual targets while remaining highly maneuverable.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

Sylvanas is a pretty general pick, in that she works well with the majority of the squad. However, she excels at being selected alongside other high-damage mobile long-range damageers who can take advantage of the Black Arrow, Heroes who can provide an effective crowd control area. with or with other pushers to exert a great deal of Map pressure.

Countered by:

As a fragile backline Hero, she struggled against anything that could knock her down or match the mobility brought on by the Wave of Obsession. Stolen Heroes especially threaten her, as they often greatly limit her ability to securely split push.

Maps of Sylvanas

Sylvanas is an effective pick on all Targeted Maps that gives you thrust, as Black Arrow’s Structure disabling effect significantly increases that Target’s lifespan and effectiveness. The unstable poison, the Mercenary, and the Possess Queen make her effective at waveforming, declaring the Mercenary Camps, and corresponding push-splits, allowing her to be flexible.

Tips and Tricks

  • Withering Fire is incredibly cheap; Use it as often as possible if the enemy Hero isn’t around.
  • Use Shadow Dagger whenever available, but let it affect as many enemies as possible.
  • The Haunting Wave is used mostly for its mobility, as it deals minimal damage.
  • Hold the Arrow wailing until you can hit multiple opponents or when you need to stop a Hero from saving someone else.
  • Use Mind Control to move your primary target away from their team and into yours.
  • Black Arrows let you push Buildings down without Minions; exploit this especially with allies and vehicles.

Role in the Current Meta


She offers a unique combination of traits: a safe and effective tsunami through Unstable Poison, the ability to neutralize Structures with a Black Arrow, and the ability to destroy powerful tanks through the combination of Shadow Dagger related Talents. Because of that, she is a powerful “surprise” final pick for squads looking to quickly destroy the first enemy insight, and especially on a Map where the Map Objects have the ability to take damage from Buildings, such as Dragon Shire.

Sylvanas should be chosen with an explosive damage-oriented Assassin, such as Jaina and a Tank capable of reliably applying crowd control to the target intended to kill, for example like Diablo or ETC. The teammate fights Hero Abilities as it prevents Healer from assisting the said kill target. However, depending on the party’s explosive damage, Mind Control can also act as an isolation tool.