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League of Legends: T1 jungler Oner remains undefeated in LCK



LoL T1 brought out yet another upcoming LCK star by debuting Moon “Oner” Hyeon-joon. The young jungler is currently undefeated in four games.

Oner is one of the five young T1 LoL players

LOL T1 Oner is one of the five young players to be added to the team in 2021 for their debut, and so far, he’s been doing great.

His debut also reaches the point where T1 has already used all 10 members of its roster this season, allowing them to further explore with the right starting lineup.  He is one of three T1 junglers and is currently looking like the best option after bringing down NS RedForce 2-0 and extending the winning streak.

T1 debut the young rookie in 2021 LCK Spring Split

T1 Oner LCK debut took place on February 21, when T1 clashed with Liiv SANDBOX. The match finished in T1’s favor 2-0, with Oner displaying  his individual skills on Graves and Nidalee. His debut was very well received by fans who already are praising the young jungler for his impact on the map.

The big debut meant that T1 also decided to start with Oner in the match recently against NS RedForce. On paper, this match was tougher for T1 and especially for Oner, who had to go up against former T1 jungler Han “Peanut” Wang-ho.

 Despite the difficult competition, Despite the challenging competition, He managed to enter Summoner’s Rift confidently and ended up outperforming another experienced LCK jungler. In both games, he dominated this match with Lillia, adding a new champion to the list.

Winning against NS RedForce extends his winning streak to four out of four games in T1 Oner LCK career. Next up is DWG KIA, the defending world champions. But it’s still unknown if Oner is going to be the starting jungler in what seems to be the biggest challenge for T1 so far in 2021.