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T1 vs 100 Thieves Prediction – Worlds Group B – 10/16

T1 vs 100 Thieves Prediction

T1 vs 100 Thieves prediction on October 16, 2021. The strength of 100 Thieves comes from jungler Closer. This guy plays an important role when it comes to controlling goals as well as creating an advantage for the team with effective ganks.

T1 Overview

T1 vs 100 Thieves  Prediction

Meeting their defeated champion in the first leg of 100 Thieves is probably not a difficult problem for T1. They have shown their superior strength in the first leg. It is clear that in this group, the hierarchy is almost too obvious when T1 and EDward Gaming are so different from the rest. It will continue to be a victory for T1 only when the strength of 100 Thieves is not enough to make a surprise.

100 Thieves Overview

T1 vs 100 Thieves  Prediction

Although they won 1 victory against DetonatioN FocusMe, it was not enough for 100 Thieves to looking at the performance in the 2 matches against their big boys did not show any positive signals. Rematch with a master team of controlling play like T1, defeat is inevitable for 100 Thieves.

T1 vs 100 Thieves Prediction

The recent performance shows that Closer is still below the level compared to the big guys like T1 or EDward Gaming. Compared to Oner in this match, it is difficult for Closer to win even in a solo phase. Not only that, the ability to combine with other members of this guy is not good enough. Rather, Oner has superior teammates like Canna or Faker. 

That makes for extremely high-quality top ganks, and Ssumday could well be where T1 exploits when this player sometimes goes too high. Not only that, Canna shows that he is too good at roulette when there are 1 and 2 situations. Then the Oners or Faker come up when the opponent has run out of skills and ends with a winning fight.

T1 vs 100 Thieves  Prediction

Complying with the gameplay of pooling resources for the dragon lane couple, FBI, and huhi. That is also a problem because in the dragon lane their opponents Gumayusi and Keria are a good duo in this year’s world finals. Not only that, Faker’s excellent roaming ability also makes it difficult for 100 Thieves’ dragon lane duo to go green. 

Almost the chance to hit 100 Thieves’ big goals is almost non-existent when T1 controls these positions extremely good period. 100 Thieves might try to actively force early game teamfights to surprise T1. 

But if you look at T1’s recent performance they don’t get tired of early teamfights. Even the team from Korea is ready to counter gank or force a reverse fight for the opponent. That was seen in the first leg, not just a prediction anymore. A victory for T1 is completely predictable. Not only that, but it is also an overwhelming victory when T1 has understood the play of 100 Thieves.

T1 vs 100 Thieves Bet Prediction

T1 vs 100 Thieves total score prediction:

Game 1: T1

Total score 1-0 (T1 wins)

T1 vs 100 Thieves Handicap (T1 handicap 8.5 kills)

First blood:

Game 1: T1

Total kills:

Game 1: T1 15-4 100 Thieves (Under)


T1: Canna, Gumayusi, Oner, Faker, Keria

100 Thieves: Ssumday, FBI, Closer, Abbedagge, huhi