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T1 vs Damwon – What is the cause of T1’s loss against Damwon?

T1 vs Damwon

T1 vs Damwon

In the most recent match of T1 vs Damwon, many people blamed Ellis for losing Baron at the end of game 2 but that was not the only thing that made T1 defeat.


One thing we need to admit is that T1 is extremely good at handling the early game. Whenever they lose their advantage in some way, they will find a way to attack another lane to take advantage. In the 2nd match of T1 vs Damwon, Faker chose Leblanc but he used Teleport rather than Ignite. While ShowMaker already had Teleport, so T1’s mid-lane was at a disadvantage. understand. Even Faker almost got a solo kill in the laning situation.

At that time, T1 was forced to find a way to win. Of course, the mid-lane was an option that T1 could not use. In the top lane with General Kennen of Canna could not win, so they chose the bottom to attack. And the result is beyond imagination, Ghost on Damwon side was defeated 2 times in a row. Teddy completely outnumbered the creepy.

However, this is what led to the first cause of T1 losing that when Teddy Blue early. He did not choose to finish the Manamune Sword early when holding Ezreal, instead, it was a Water Sword. Perhaps Teddy wants to use damage to block the lane thoroughly. But his opponent is Varus and can farm extremely safely if not ganked.


Ezreal urgently needs to finish the Muramana early. If he does not get to the Manamune early, he cannot reach the threshold of this champion’s strength. As a result, T1 themselves didn’t have enough damage in the mid-game (specifically when the 3rd Dragon was born). They lost control of this target to their opponent.

The main up this build also makes disadvantage 2 of the kills on the side of Damwon completely lost. Remember that Ghost plays Lethal Varus, even if he dies, the items of this style of play will work immediately. Not waiting for an item to accumulate like Ezreal. If Ezreal could not reach the threshold of the god Muramana’s power early, even when he died in the first two lives. Ghost had 1-2 Lethality, he was still stronger than Teddy.

So with the addition of improper spells and items, every advantage of T1 in the early game between T1 vs Damwon disappears completely. The game becomes balanced and likes the ego of the LCK. Then the T1 vs Damwon will farm and wait for team fight targets. And then the slow pace of the game led to the next reason that T1 lost that match is weak and not enough experience of Canna in sensitive situations.

The Kennen match against Sylas was handled well by Canna in terms of skill when not lying down for 24 minutes. However, only a true “fact check” situation of Canna entered. Where Nuguri was waiting to make this guy lie down immediately. Although T1 was able to get the dragon after that. They lost 2 people and were officially overcome by Damwon economically.