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T1 vs EDward Gaming Prediction – Worlds Group B – 10/12

T1 vs EDward Gaming Prediction

T1 vs EDward Gaming prediction on October 12, 2021. If T1 wants to win this match, they must know how not to get caught up in meaningless fights. EDward Gaming has players with impressive laning skills like Flandre or Scout.

T1 Overview

T1 vs EDward Gaming Prediction

In terms of strength, T1 was of course judged to be the underdog in this match. They were no longer theirs 2 years ago. However, T1 will still play with more than 100% of their strength in this match. As they want to compete for the top spot with Edward Gaming. 

In Group A, when DWG KIA won against FunPlus Phoenix, T1 needed to avoid having to clash with their compatriots. But EDward Gaming also didn’t let it be easy. They also wanted to face FunPlus Phoenix in the quarterfinals.

EDward Gaming Overview

T1 vs EDward Gaming Prediction

EDward Gaming as the champion of LPL Summer entered this match with the upper hand. They are not too worried when the opponent has fallen from the peak for a long time. However, EDward Gaming is expected to have a lot of trouble in this match. T1 is a team with extremely annoying control. If the game lasts a long time, the loser could be EDward Gaming when it’s late. T1 has extremely solid strategies to bring about victories.

T1 vs EDward Gaming Prediction

EDward Gaming’s dragon lane duo is the most worthy of attention, Viper, as well as Meiko, always make their opponents frustrated with their mutant plays. However, T1 can completely create a balance in this match when they also own many notable factors. The first of which will be Canna who always owns strong carry champions like Gnar or Gwen. 

Their dragon lane duo is also not inferior when Teddy and Keria have a better combination. Especially Keria is playing the role of carrying the team even though he is a player in the sp position.

T1 vs EDward Gaming Prediction

EDward Gaming is said to still want to aim for the first dragon as soon as possible. Then they will force the opponent to fight and win with the advantage of the dragon charm on their feet. However, according to experts, T1 will give up the first dragon in this match. Instead, they return to the messenger cave to bring themselves this important goal. To gank straight into Flandre’s position to limit the strength of the team this player as well as taking advantage of Canna. 

The sawing game will be deployed by T1 making EDward Gaming feel impatient in long matches. It is likely that T1 will play in a safe mode of changing lives for most of the time of the match. It wouldn’t be too surprising if this matchup featured more than one Baron. As T1 is a top team in terms of tight play even if they have a big advantage.

T1 vs EDward Gaming Bet Prediction

T1 vs EDward Gaming total score prediction:

Game 1: T1

Total score 1-0 (T1 wins)

Handicap T1 vs EDward Gaming (T1 gets 5.5 kills)

First blood:

Game 1: EDward Gaming

Total kills:

Game 1: T1 20-15 EDward Gaming (Over)


T1: Canna, Teddy, Oner, Faker, Keria

EDward Gaming: Flandre, Viper, Jiejie, Scout, Meiko