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T1 vs Gen.G Prediction – KeSPA Cup 2020 – 12/22/2020

T1 vs Gen.G prediction

T1 vs Gen.G prediction

KeSPA Cup 2020 T1 vs Gen.G prediction on December 12, 2020. As usual, the KeSPA Cup is still an opportunity for fans to assess the preparation of Korea’s top League of Legends teams to prepare for the new season. However, they will probably be a bit disappointed if they look at the list of players that the two rich traditional teams, T1 and Gen.G bring to this tournament. Among the components of the greatest team in history, T1, with only two relatively familiar appearances, is top laner Roach and jungler Mowgli.

T1 vs Gen.G Prediction

T1 are not the players that are overestimated for their talent, and they are not the biggest strength of the squad for the KeSPA Cup. Meanwhile, on the other side of the front line, the names that will compete under the Gen.G shirt are even more alien. These are purely young players brought in from the academy team.

Given Gen.G’s sluggish performance in 2020, chances are they’ll need additions from this roster in next year’s campaign. Therefore, this is an opportunity, but also a challenge for Gen.G towards ambitious goals in this tournament.

This is a competition between the two teams that have been rivals for a long time, both on the domestic front and the world playground. T1 has played quite successfully this year, although still unable to fully meet expectations. Therefore, it is not surprising that the previous performance against colleagues on the other side of the front line also reflects the excellence of this team.

Specifically, since they changed their name to Gen.G earlier this year, they faced T1 7 times but also had 5 defeats. However, do not forget that Gen.G is the name that put an end to T1’s ambition to attend the world finals. According to T1 vs Gen.G prediction experts, these rivalries promise to bring a very attractive confrontation to come.

Result prediction

If based on the main gameplay of T1 and Gen.G in the two seasons of this year, it is likely that their juniors will also be skillful with how to deploy a controlling game. Therefore, it will not be surprising if these two teams start with a postponement draw, small fighting to move towards the most peaceful stage of strength growth possible. Therefore, the first half of the match will not be exciting and there will not be too many remarkable situations taking place.

First blood

  • Game 1: Gen.G

First 10 kills

  • Game 1: T1

However, things promise to change completely in the mid-game onwards. Anyway, with a core made up of young players, the spikes are still something fans can wait to watch. In that tension, the playing experience of the two former LCK players on the T1 side will be conditioned to maximize their effects. If the leadership and cohesion of the duo are used effectively, T1 will have a great chance of winning this match. From the above facts, the T1 vs Gen.G prediction that the winner will belong to T1 in the competition lasting more than 32 minutes.

  • Predict the time to play: Over 32 minutes
  • Predict the match score T1 vs Gen.G: 1-0

T1 vs Gen.G line-up prediction:

  • T1: Roach, Mowgli, Mireu, Berserker, Hoit
  • Gen.G: Lonely, Yeongjae, Ophelia, Envy, Khael