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CSGO: This is the easiest and best way to take over bombsite A in Cache


After Valve released a new Cache map, this famous map quickly became popular among Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gamers.

The map is famous, thanks to the positions (callouts) named after professional players. Despite the popularity of the map, CSGO players still have difficulty at bombsite A. The first problem is that CT has many ways to defend the site. Some teams prefer to put two people holding A, while one keeps watching from the highway.

Explain how to easily deploy to bombsite A Cache


While most people know the smoke truck, any A strike in matchmaking can be neutralized by a CT in a familiar location: NBK. For those of you who are new to CSGO, this is a position named after French player Nathan “NBK” Schmidt and his ability to play the game over the years in this small corner of the map.

Since this location could cause big trouble for T, the plan here is to deal with the site immediately. This smoke will create a wall around bombsite A and when combined with the flash and Molotov into a narrow-angle, it gives T the conditions to clear the NBK corner.

The first step is to learn how to throw three grenades from A Main of Cache.

Smoke Truck in Cache

Note that all of this smoke come down very quickly. They can be thrown at the same time and are fairly easy to handle. Here’s what will happen if the throw is correct:

Smoke the easiest first. This is a traditional smoke truck that almost everyone knows about. Align in the middle of the lines of the boxes outside A Main’s door, then run away.

The second smoke is slightly more complicated. It was thrown from the aisle between T spawn and squeaky (blue door) to block the view from the highway to the bombsite. This smoke is really important for 2 reasons. It restricts the mobility of any CTs remaining in the bombsite and allows T to lurk from the highway more efficiently. Combined with a flash and a Molotov below, T will capture bombsite A not too difficult.


To throw flash at bombsite A, stand close to the wall as shown below in A main, align the center point of the iron barrel on the roof, then use a medium throw.

This flash will blind anyone who keeps the angle looking at A main. The player standing at A only sees the flash appear less than a second before it explodes.

Molotov is sure everyone can throw, but it rarely falls deep enough to burn the forklift corner area. The good news is we have a simple way to deal with this. Stand across from the cart and box next to the A Main wall of Cache, aim for the doorframe, then run and throw. Molotov will land at the perfect angle to spread deep inside.

When exiting A Main, you only have to check the close corners and shoot on the way to bombsite A.

Smoke catwalk and mid site from T spawn


Both of these smoke is thrown from one location. The player needs to jump to get the smoke to fall down the catwalk, but the second smoke just needs to click the left mouse button.

First, the player should stand close to the corner between the piece of wood and the wall. To smoke catwalk, keep in the center of the broken sign as shown below and jump. The article also adds a location on the radar for your reference.

Mid-site smoke is even easier. On top of the electric poles, there are many capacitors. Don’t worry, you can throw through them. The player can watch the crosshair as shown below and left-click to throw through them.

These two smoke are what makes Attack A possible. In modern CSGO, CT no longer flinches from smoke if it is blocked by smoke. But they wouldn’t like to be trapped in smoke. As soon as the flash and Molotov are thrown, the team needs to rush in. If there is time, another Molotov tossed in the spot the NBK threw the flash will help clear it.

In fact, this makes it easy for a team of 5 to take over A in Cache when people don’t have to worry about trucks and highways when attacking.

Cutting off CT’s foresight and possibly lurk from the catwalk, side T has every chance to win this round. Due to the tactic of using only three smoke, one Molotov, and one flash, T still has enough utility (if fully purchased) to smoke the highway and truck, molly truck, or take it proactively if it feels like it’s the right decision.