July 31, 2021


Game CMD 368

Team Aster joins Regional Upper Division


Two Dota 2 teams have already been sent to the lower division at the end of the second day of China’s closed upper and lower division qualifiers, while Aster are the only team to have made it to the upper division so far. 


With smooth victories over Dalanjing Gaming in the first round of matches and Royal Never Give Up in the semifinals of the qualifiers, they managed to secure the spot.

The four core strategy – Aster

The four core strategy for claiming the first qualifier win to the upper division of China Regional League Season 1 was implemented by Team Aster.

The last Aster series in the qualifiers began with a flawless Liu “DD” Yuhao performance on a mid-lane Lina. His early lead led to the construction of the Dagon, which simply annihilated the RNG. 

While in competitive matches, Dagon 5 is not exactly a common Lina build, even if she is played in the core position, Team Aster’s bigger surprise came in the second game where they decided to run a four core draft into the Terrorblade game plan of RNG.

With the last pick, a Riki for Ye “BoBoKa” Zhibiao, the four core stratum was unveiled. The line-up of Aster was filled with a lot of AoE silences to maintain control not only over the TB in the team fights, but also over the core of RNG Lina and Nyx Assassin and Tusk supporting their duo.

Aster also had a Grimstroke on their side, in addition to Riki’s Smoke Screen, and DD on Puck, which made it almost impossible for RNG to save their Terrorblade carrier. 

The early successful rotations of Boboka enabled him to build straight up into a carry, rushing Diffusal Blade and Aghanaim’s Scepter on Riki, and snowballed into a 35-minute victory that, alongside PSG.LGD, Elephant, EHOME and Vici Gaming, helped to bring Team Aster a slot into the top division of the China Regional League.

The cut to the upper division will be made by a total of four teams, so RNG still has a shot at bouncing back through the lower bracket.