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Team Aster vs Alliance Prediction – The International – 10/08

Team Aster vs Alliance Prediction

Team Aster vs Alliance prediction on October 08, 2021. Looking at the stats of the players, it is very clear that the superiority comes from Team Aster. They own individuals with strong laning ability who are always ready to snowball the opponent. Team Aster’s total combat stats are very good, so if they fall into a good fight they will destroy Alliance’s squad quickly.

Team Aster Overview

Team Aster vs Alliance Prediction

Clashing with Alliance at International is obviously not too difficult a problem for Team Aster. In terms of strength, they are still slightly better than the opponent and their performance is not too bad. 

However, it should be remembered that this is a bo2 bet, so the concentration of the players must be very high, with just one mistake, Team Aster can completely get a draw. Experts assess the prospect of a draw even clearer when Alliance has always been an unpredictable team. Although the last 4 times they met, Team Aster won 3 victories and the rest was 1 loss.

Alliance Overview

Team Aster vs Alliance Prediction

Alliance of course has reason to worry in this match when the opponent is Team Aster. The team that has just won the i-League for the past two seasons. Statistics of the last 9 matches Alliance only won 2 wins 3 draws, the rest received 4 losses. Even as of the time of writing they have a series of 6 consecutive matches without knowing the smell of victory. 

However, if you look more closely, Alliance draws quite a lot, which shows that they still show the danger in Bo2 bets. Knowing that Team Aster is very strong, but experts still have faith in Alliance in this match.

Team Aster vs Alliance Prediction

Alliance has the advantage to limit the danger of the opponent. That is, they are the owner of a richer champion pool. So they can limit the opponent somewhat during the ban/pick phase.

Keep in mind that Alliance has on the roster the tattoo guy Nikobaby who will make a lot of mutations in this team’s playstyle. This main player is extremely dangerous when he gets resources early. Looking at Alliance’s roster that still has quality names like Limmp in the mid lane or s4 in the offlane. They are both players with a lot of experience in the late game. 

Team Aster vs Alliance Prediction

If Alliance buys enough time for the carry positions to accumulate resources on the necessary equipment. The possibility that they can flip the bet against Team Aster is not small. Although Alliance’s recent form has not been good, their performance is still bright. Most of Alliance’s matches end with a draw or a close 1-2 loss. 

Up to now, Team Aster has not shown too high a performance at The International when losing 0-2 to Evil Geniuses in the opening match. So when facing an unpredictable team like Alliance, everything is not possible to say in advance. Experts predict the final score in this match will be 1-1 divided equally for each team. This result is considered reasonable and both are satisfied.

Team Aster vs Alliance Bet Prediction

Team Aster vs Alliance total score prediction:

  • Team Aster 1-0 Alliance
  • Team Aster 0-1 Alliance

Total score 1-1 (Alliance wins the handicap 1.5)

First blood:

  • Game 1: Team Aster
  • Game 2: Team Aster

Total kills:

  • Game 1: Team Aster 35-18 Alliance (Over)
  • Game 2: Team Aster 27-38 Alliance (Over)


Team Aster: Monet, LaNm, DD斩首,  Xxs, Borax

Alliance: Nikobaby, Fng, Limmp, s4, Handsken