August 4, 2021


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Team Aster vs Danlanjing Prediction, Dota Pro Circuit China

Team Aster vs Danlanjing Prediction

Team Aster vs Danlanjing prediction on January 8, 2020. The difference is clearly seen in the match between Team Aster and Danlanjing, when the two teams’ rankings are too different.

Team Aster overview

Team Aster vs Danlanjing Prediction

Team Aster is currently ranked 4th in China and 9th on the world rankings, clearly, they are at an extremely high level compared to their opponents, so it is not surprising that many experts are saying that Team Aster will win easily this match. In the last 12 matches they lost, there are 4 remaining matches to win 8, the longest winning streak that this team has achieved is 8 consecutive wins.

Dalanjing Gaming overview

On the other side of the battle line, Dalanjing Gaming is of course underrated, as they are ranked 23rd in China as well as 78th in the world. Not only that, this team was only established not long ago when it had 4 matches, their performance was not high when they only brought back 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss.

Facing a team that is too strong in the top 10 in the world is indeed a difficult problem for Dalanjing Gaming at the moment, a quick loss is hard to avoid.

Team Aster vs Danlanjing prediction

As Team Aster vs Danlanjing prediction, with only having to encounter a team with a much weaker ranking, invading the opponent’s jungle in the first place would be Team Aster’s strategy. However, this is just an act of exploring the opponent’s skill level, not their intention, when the Chinese game is always controlling in the early game.

But with players who have good skills and are extremely well-matched, it is certain that the camps on the opposing field will be directed, which will help Team Aster reach more equipment in the middle of the game.

With the important equipment in front of the opponent, the team that opens the fight will belong to Team Aster, which is extremely necessary for them to gradually establish the stance.

Team Aster vs Danlanjing Prediction

With high-level teams like Team Aster, they know how to use their small advantages but make them grow bigger, just without paying a little attention you will see their money spread unexpectedly. Then when Dalanjing Gaming realized it was too late, now they just had to retreat back to defense and try to farm the soldiers to close the money gap between the two teams.

But Team Aster will immediately go to Roshan to finish the game quickly, the Under bet is more likely to happen when Team Aster is more human, the combination of positions is also very good. Although the handicap is 1.5, believing that Team Aster will solve this problem easily, the 2-0 score in favor of Team Aster is also what many Team Aster vs Danlanjing prediction experts agree with this match.

O/U bet (46.5) Team Aster vs Danlanjing prediction:

  • Game 1: Team Aster 34 – 15 Danlanjing (Over)
  • Game 2: Team Aster 30-18 Danlanjing (Over)

Line up – Team Aster vs Danlanjing prediction

  • Team Aster: Monet, DD斩首, Xxs, BoBoKa, LaNm
  •  Danlanjing: ISI, YRG, Dev1ce, Xyz, Re:0