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Team Aster vs T1 Prediction – Champions League – 10/09

Team Aster vs T1 Prediction

Team Aster vs T1 prediction on October 09, 2021. It can be seen that the Team Aster players are still rated a bit higher than their opponent in this match, T1. However, this gap is not large and it will not be easy for any of the two teams to win.

Team Aster Overview

Team Aster vs T1 Prediction

At the end of the first day of competition at The International 10, Team Aster is although highly appreciated in the Chinese domestic arena. They could not do any miracles when facing representatives from other regions. 2 defeats in turn against 2 representatives from the US. Team Undying and Evil Geniuses have pushed this team to the bottom of Group A. With 0 points is a pretty bad difference for the team that won the last 3 championships in the Upper Division China region and Season 1 and Season 2 at the i-League 2021.

T1 Overview

Team Aster vs T1 Prediction

T1 is a team from Southeast Asia and is also a highly appreciated name at The International 10 this time. They recently overcame a series of big names from many Dota-based regions developed and won at ESL One Summer 2021. However, T1 is just above Team Aster in Group A in the penultimate position. The result they received after completing the first day of the competition was 2 defeats against Invictus Gaming and Evil Geniuses.

Team Aster vs T1 Prediction

It was really unlucky for Team Aster when their player White丶Album_白学家 fell ill right before The International 10 this time. If much progress cannot be made, there is a high chance that 86 will temporarily take the place of White丶Album_白学家. This will be a big disadvantage for Team Aster and will definitely affect the performance they can achieve in this year’s most anticipated tournament.

The excellent performance at WePlay AniMajor helped T1 successfully pocket a ticket to compete in the most anticipated tournament of the year, The International 10. While waiting for the official group stage of this tournament, T1 also attended a number of other regional tournaments and their achievements were not too bad.

Team Aster vs T1 Prediction

Team Aster, even though just a little new, has come to participate in a world-class tournament like The Invitationals for the first time. But this is still the team that is more appreciated in the upcoming match. At least they have also more or less caused their resonance since the end of 2020 in domestic tournaments. 

For their part, T1 has only made its mark in Southeast Asia since the end of May, and of course, The International is also an extremely overwhelming tournament for the boys who come here from Korea. Both teams will not be allowed to receive more defeats. If they do not want to manually extinguish their ambitions in the tournament, and the possibility of a little draw will be very high.

Team Aster vs T1 Bet Prediction

Team Aster vs T1 total score prediction:

  • Game 1: Team Aster
  • Game 2: T1

Total score 1-1

First blood:

  • Game 1: Team Aster
  • Game 2: Team Aster

Total kills:

  • Game 1: Team Aster 34-22 T1
  • Game 2: Team Aster 16-35 T1

First Roshan:

  • Game 1: Team Aster
  • Game 2: T1


Team Aster: Monet, Borax, White丶Album_白学家, Xxs, LaNm

T1: 23savage, Xepher, Karl, Kuku, Whitemon