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Team Brasil vs Jaguares Esports Prediction – BTS Pro Series Season 4

Team Brasil vs Jaguares Esports prediction

Team Brasil vs Jaguares Esports prediction

Team Brasil vs Jaguares Esports prediction on December 18, 2020. BTS Pro Series Season 4’s Americas Group ended with an unpredictable result when there were 4 teams with 9 points, Team Brasil, 4 Zoomers, SADBOYS, and Thunder Predator, 4 teams. This must split second to 5th place. In which Team Brasil was the team that was forced to go down to compete in the losing bracket due to having the poorest direct confrontation record compared to the other 3 teams.

Team Brasil – Team Brasil vs Jaguares Esports prediction

Team Brasil vs Jaguares Esports prediction

Team Brasil has not been very stable recently since they took the championship at Movistar Liga Pro Gaming Season 6 in mid-November. Their fan is that they only give themselves 9th in the Realms Collide 2020 tournament. Team Brasil is also only keeping themselves 29th on the world rankings.

Jaguares Esports

Jaguares Esports finished the BTS Pro Series Season 4 group stage with the bottom spot after receiving up to 5 losses and having only 1 win and 1 draw. With being assessed as the weakest team in the group, and only have a ticket to this group stage by playing in the Open qualifiers, this result is also expected by the expert. Jaguares Esports does not even have a place in the top 200 Dota 2 teams worldwide – Currently, this team has only ranked 206.

Lineup Expectation

  • Team Brasil: Costabile, 4dr Deia, Kingrd, Thiolicor, kj
  • Jaguares Esports: Benny-, mini, hane, MahhxD, Nuages

Team Brasil vs Jaguares Esports prediction

Team Brasil vs Jaguares Esports prediction

With a matchup with a difference like the present, perhaps what Team Brasil needs to do is to focus all of its efforts to end the match as soon as possible before the opponent has a chance to turn things around.

In fact, Jaguares Esports also did not have much motivation when in the last group stage they showed disappointment both in terms of tactics as well as the gameplay of each member. Therefore, it is very difficult for them to be able to confront Team Brasil now if they do not play with more than 200% ability. The first kill will be handled well by Team Brasil when they continuously force the Jaguares Esports fight.

The one-way game was controlled by Team Brasil from the beginning of the match and did not give the opponent any chance to overturn in this match. Team Brasil’s diversified playstyle has somewhat been effective in the group stage, they are also very hard to catch people to make the opponent unable to increase their strength early and this will be the main game Team Brasil applies to Jaguares Esports.

According to the experts , put your trust in Team Brasil is probably the best instead of hoping for a thriving match from Jaguares Esports. The match will soon end with 2-0 results and faints under the contract when Team Brasil completely overwhelms Jaguares Esports in this bo3.

Total score

  • Team Brasil 1-0 Jaguares Esports
  • Team Brasil 1-0 Jaguares Esports

First Blood

  • Game 1: Team Brasil
  • Game 2: Team Brasil

Total kills

  • Game 1: Team Brasil 23 – 12 Jaguares Esports
  • Game 2: Team Brasil 24 – 14 Jaguares Esports