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Team Fight Tactic: A guide to leveling up and using gold most appropriate

Team Fight Tactic

Team Fight Tactic

Let’s take a look at the strategies to increase and use gold most appropriate in the Team Fight Tactic to be able to apply to the highest Top right without having to wait much for luck.

Gold and experience are the two most important factors in the TFT that gamers can control and use reasonable tactics to use them most effectively and for themselves. From gamers who have participated in the testing phase of TFT until now, there are currently 2 strategies using gold and the strongest experience that you can refer to and use immediately. Learn how to use gold and experience first, then read on to the practical tactics below.

Issues related to Gold and proper usage – Team Fight Tactic

 Team Fight Tactic

First, farming Gold and the way that Gold in the Team Fight Tactic is a big area that everyone must know if you really want to master the “dignity” game of this regime. Check out this article now to know how to earn gold, save to earn interest, and use it in the most appropriate way:

Things about Experience (Exp) you need to know – Team Fight Tactic

Secondly, the character’s experience (Exp) is also an important factor that determines the number of pieces you can place on the table to fight. Here are in turn the note that you should know about characters Exp:

Each round, all players will receive 2 Exp.

You can use 4 Gold to buy 4 Exp right away.

Exp needed to level up in the Team Fight Tactic:

  • Level 4 = 6 Exp
  • Level 5 = 10 Exp
  • Level 6 = 18 Exp
  • Level 7 = 30 Exp
  • Level 8 = 48 Exp
  • Level 9 = 70 Exp

So when should you use gold to buy Exp in matches? The champions and basic guide (as well as the most economical benefit) is to use 1 gold in exchange for 1 level. To make it easier to understand, every time you only need 8 Exp to reach the next level, use 8 Golds to buy 2 Exp times to level up and place another piece on the table. This makes you only lose 1 gold received from an interest in exchange for 1 piece to help the team stronger.

Current Gold and Experience is the strongest

 Team Fight Tactic

Strategy 1: Re-roll Change your champion to a strong early game

With this strategy, you will focus on using all Re-roll gold all to collect all 1-star champions and upgrade them to 2-3 stars and gain an advantage at the beginning of the game, and simultaneously The opponents have the weak and fast squad. Of course, this strategy still has a lot of risks, but most players who apply this method get into at least Top 4 or more in all matches.

How to apply the Re-roll Strategy to All-in:

Do not use gold to buy Exp, winning and losing despite

Use all gold to Re-roll and find all 1-star champions to raise 2 stars or 3 stars (55% will receive)

Arrange teams only need strong champions, not the required buff

Arrange the team after Round 2-6 and start taking the winning sequence to put the team at the end of the match


  • Early game and mid-game very strong
  • Easy to crush weak opponents or play Eco for a temporary team to save money at the end of the game
  • If lucky re-roll, the beginning of the game will have at least 1 star 3 champions and between the lucky game will gain 1-2 other 3 stars champions


  • It is quite difficult to perform and bad luck when other gamers apply the same way
  • If the champion does not turn out much, the champion will lose gold and the game will easily lose in the middle
  • It takes a lot of spam to find important champions that are short of 1-2 champions (Lucian, Garen, Darius …), especially those with many gamers.
  • Less level than other players and the rate of purple champions (4 golds) is also less

Strategy 2: Economic (Eco) Economy to save money, come back and play at late game

This is a basic method and is easier to apply with less risk than the Re-roll strategy when we can play the normal game and gradually store gold to flip the strong game in the late game easily. Of course, this tactic also relies on a fairly high level of luck and can still be countered by the Re-roll above.

How to apply economic tactics (Eco)

At the beginning of the Team Fight Tactic, try to find couples with strong and standard buffs to play normally (Nobility, Wild, Knight, Gladiator …).

Focus on saving gold and spending up to the maximum, taking a series of winning or losing depending on the situation.

Only buy Exp exactly 1 time before Round 2-6 and when there is a lot of Gold, use it to increase to level 6, use the rotation to select strong champions suitable (usually will be picked soon) to come back.

Start re-roll to find Purple Champions (4 gold) until you have about 20 – 30 Golds in hand and arrange the team as you like.

Start hoarding gold and interest again, upgrade 7 and continue Re-roll to find a purple champion to raise 2 stars on the chessboard.


  • Farming a lot of strong purple 4 Gold champions in the middle of the game
  • There is plenty of gold to rotate the team according to your opponent
  • Late game is very strong, able to have a series of wins and flip very good deal if turned out the right champion


  • Early game is very weak especially if there is no champion buff to defend
  • Withstands a lot of health to store gold, calm not afraid to die to save money, and come back later.