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Team fight tactics with Riven Sorc Busted in Arena of Truth

team fight tactics with Riven

team fight tactics with Riven

Riven’s Sorc Busted appearance brought a new breeze to the Witch squad in Arena of Truth. In this article, we will learn about the team fight tactics with Riven to use this witch more effectively.

INFORMATION OF Team fight tactics with Riven

First, let’s come to the information about Riven:

  • Price: 4 Gold
  • Tribe: Sorc Busted
  • System: Blademaster
  • Blade of the Exile: Riven glides and receives 300/450/900 Shield before dealing 100/150/450 magic damage forward. After 2 spells, Riven jumped into the air and fired a wave of energy dealing 400/600/1800 magic damage.


One of Riven’s problems at the rank of Diamond and below is that she is usually used to activate the system, because the items have been mostly accumulated for early-appearing main units like Master Yi, Yasuo, Vayne, etc.

With the Space-Wizards squad, it is different, with the leading role of resisting sword damage, Riven must have appropriate equipment such as the Witch Hat, Angel Armor, Vigil Luden, etc.

Team fight tactics with Riven in the Sorc busted – wizards squad will still start with basic Witch units like Zoe, Ahri, TF, Syndra. Poppy (clamping on 2 Pioneers) withstanding initially before Wukong or Riven appears will also be a reasonable move. With this squad, Riven and Viktor will be the two main carry cards, needing to put items first so level 6 will be the top priority.

This squad will have difficulty in front of 4 Guardians and 4 Mysteries so players will need to get level 9 and put Thresh in the squad, accumulate more Urgot to increase power if this robot gets 2 soon.


In addition, another team fight tactics with Riven, this is the way counter squad with the 4 Mystery squad. Do not forget to use a card called Janna. Transfering the Star Guard system to Viktor (if the dignity bursts) to turn all damage into standard damage. The tragedy “1 winner” will make the main unit of the enemy team fly in 1 note.

One thing to note is that this squad will be quite weak before having Riven and Viktor. Consider between the 3-star General Hyper Roll “CandyLand” and the level up to approach the chance of owning the main units soon. This is probably the reason why the only squad that has the power to vaporize your team in just one turn. Quite a few players want to try, while the other squads it’s easy to play and has a decent amount of resistance and damage that comes much earlier.

However, some of the challengers said that maybe the challenge will turn into your own opportunity. While the meta revolves around Jinx and Master Yi, being able to embrace the Wizard entirely alone will help you have a fairly smooth champion roll in the early stages. Not to mention magic-oriented items that are also less picked.

All you need to do in this team fight tactics with Riven is keep a cool head, accept some initial losses. Waiting until Riven appears to describe the conflict between the enemy and the armor in the time.