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Team Flash – Is the failure of the season just to “find true fans”? – Part 1

Team Flash in VCS Summer 2020

Team Flash in VCS Summer 2020

6 weeks of extremely intense and dramatic VCS Summer 2020 has passed and somehow miraculously, the team that was at the bottom of the rankings with 2 losses after the first week was Team Flash taking the top spot equal to 7 consecutive victories.

Slayder and his teammates are increasingly showing us why they are the champions of the Spring Split with the defeat from GAM, Team Secret to Cerberus in an extremely worthy way. What made Team Flash so powerful this season? Let’s find out!

Team Flash in VCS Summer 2020
Team Flash in VCS Summer 2020


Kati, formerly known as PuppyK, has always been considered the extremely weak link of the SGD squad or now Team Flash with the play lacking confidence and initiative. This young man, born in 1999, has good personal skills, as evidenced by the fact that he has kept the top 1 in the Vietnam server challenge for an extremely long time and climbed up quite high in the Korean server.

However, when compared to the best mid laners of the tournament at the time such as Dia1 or Artifact, Kati was always inferior. In the Spring Split, despite being the champions, Kati was outnumbered by Dia1 in most of the finals.

Kati has grown more and more through each season Team Flash
Kati has grown more and more through each season

But it is just Kati of previous seasons, from the friendly tournament after the Ultimate Challenge we have been able to feel the positive changes in Kati’s play and this is made even more evident. through every match of Team Flash at VCS Summer 2020. What made Kati become so “fly”? It is due to the confidence that has been growing in the mid laner of Team Flash in the summer of this year.

No longer an extremely snarling and bulky Kati like previous seasons, he is now always active in every match, ready to rush into the hands of the opponent but also knows when to stop when needed. set. The performance of the magician generals, namely Ryze, Syndra, or Orianna of Kati is extremely impressive and it is not wrong to say that he is the best magician player of VCS Summer 2020 at the moment.

Another name that is showing maturity in gameplay is EGO. Obviously playing for the first time at the VCS Summer 2020 will be extreme pressure, especially when you have to pay for the current champions of the tournament, but what EGO has done since the beginning of the season so far is too great for a young person. like him. Debut for the first time in the Ultimate Challenge tournament and then the Mid Season Showdown, one saw more in EGO a skilled player but the vision for the game was not good and thought that he would only be a “dual” sub “behind the Yijin experienced brother only.

EGO has a very aggressive attacking play Team Flash
EGO has a very aggressive attacking play

But for some reason, we didn’t have Yijin in the Team Flash squad for 6 weeks, even though EGO’s extremely dazzling performance was making people forget about Yijin’s presence. The strength of EGO is the carnivorous forest path, the initiative, and aggression based on the extremely high inherent skill of this guy. The confidence of EGO is shown all the time, in every general and every skill contract with any jungler. However, the same aggression is sometimes a double-edged sword and the “ego” so big of a young player makes EGO have the wrong handling phase. EGO needs to improve those issues if it is to become a valuable VCS Summer 2020 jungler in the future.


Slayder has always been the brightest star in any team that owns him, that has been recognized by the player’s prodigy performance throughout the seasons he plays. The comprehensiveness of a super gunner is found all at Slayder. It is an extremely good farming ability, almost always upside down to win the road in every match and especially the explosive battle with huge amounts of damage that he can inflict on the opponent.

After Optimus' departure, Slayder became the captain of Team Flash
After Optimus’ departure, Slayder became the captain of Team Flash

This summer, too, it’s just not a revelation that Slayder is always a carry because in the current Flash squad anyone can shine and carry the team. Kati and EGO have been doing so well over the past few years, causing Slayder’s pressure to be relieved. In fact, in many games this summer, Slayder was repeatedly asked, resulting in him having to lie down a lot. However, there were already others of Flash worried and once the game got closer to the end, the amount of damage that Slayder could generate was immeasurable.