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Team Liquid vs GODSENT Prediction – IEM Season XVI – 10/09

Team Liquid vs GODSENT Prediction

Team Liquid vs GODSENT prediction on October 09, 2021. Participating in the IEM Fall semi-finals in North America is not surprising for Team Liquid because they compare with the rest of the teams in the same group. There is indeed a big difference and difference. Faced with the coming second team of Group B, GODSENT, it is likely that Team Liquid will soon have a gentle victory to soon participate in the finals without any difficulties.

Team Liquid Overview

Team Liquid vs GODSENT Prediction

The whole victory in the group stage shows outstanding strength, from the people to the gameplay. Team Liquid is completely overwhelmed, so the victory sooner or later belongs to their hands only. Meanwhile, GODSENT also played hard and even eliminated EG to get a ticket to continue. But when it comes to this round, maybe Team Liquid is still a team at a much higher level than the previous round GODSENT. Bo3 is also very difficult for them to create a surprise, if not, it will be crushed early in the next match.

GODSENT Overview

Team Liquid vs GODSENT Prediction

Of course, GODSENT they are also not easy to accept to be defeated when TACO or dumau also competed to shine in the last matches. Even the winning rate of competitive maps is completely on the side of GODSENT in an extremely overwhelming way. Only Dust2 is Team Liquid that has a higher win rate than the opponent with 67% but also only played 3 games. So if GODSENT they ban Dust2, they will indeed completely control the ban/pick phase first. Team Liquid.

Team Liquid vs GODSENT Prediction

As mentioned earlier, this is a pretty easy bet for Team Liquid if they play to their abilities in this match. NAF, Stewie2k or Grim all played very well and made almost no mistakes in the group stage.

The problem is that currently Team Liquid they don’t have to be too afraid of the opponent. Because the win rate doesn’t say it all when GODSENT only encounters weak opponents while Team Liquid faces the top 20 teams in the world in recent times. 

Team Liquid vs GODSENT Prediction

Besides maps like Inferno, Vertigo, or Mirage, Team Liquid also has a high win rate, only slightly lower than GODSENT. So it can also be a fulcrum to help them not lose to the opponent during the pick and ban phase. Even in terms of the players’ skills, Team Liquid is slightly better, enough for them to have relatively comfortable pistols rounds. From which they soon reached the 5-round milestone without any difficulty. 

GODSENT seems to be causing only a bit of trouble, even if that is their map pick in this match. From the T-side or CT-side, Team Liquid completely dominated the control of key areas and often got important key rounds. 2-0 will be the final score in this battle to help Team Liquid soon enter the finals and wait for the most likely opponent to be FURIA.

Team Liquid vs GODSENT Bet Prediction

Team Liquid vs GODSENT total score prediction: 2 – 0

First 5 rounds:

  • Game 1: Team Liquid 
  • Game 2: Team Liquid 

Total rounds:

  • Game 1: Team Liquid 16 – 12 GODSENT (choose Team Liquid – Over)
  • Game 2: Team Liquid 16 – 9 GODSENT (choose Team Liquid – Under)


Team Liquid: FalleN, Stewie2K, NAF, EliGE, Grim

GODSENT: TACO, b4rtiN, felps, dumau, latto