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Valorant: Team Liquid welcomes Jamppi to its roster


Former Counter Strike Global offensive prodigy Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen has officially joined Team Liquid Valorant roster after Valve decided to ban the 19 year old from all official CSGO tournaments.


Jamppi Joined Team Liquid Valorant

“I hope I can carry this team up to a new level,” Jamppi said in a welcome announcement.

He explained that he’s mostly going to play Jett and act as a team sniper. Jamppi said that this is a “great combo” that has worked well with other Valorant teams he’s been part of since he switched to Riot’s tactical shooter in 2021. The Finnish pro said he intends to share a lot of great memories in future tournaments and possibly win some of them as well.

Team Liquid is one of those organizations that you’re always dreaming to represent,” Jamppi said. “I’m very grateful for the chance they’ve given me.”

What happened ?

After a long legal battle with Valve, Jamppi moved to Valorant in January 2021. At the time, he said that the switch would be better for his mental health and would permit him to pursue his goals again. The goal was to become one of the best players in the world.

Jampii had a very promising career in the CSGO, but was halted in 2015. He was barred from competing in the CSGO Majors after receiving a ban on the VAC account. 

Jampii insisted that the account had been sold to a friend before he had received a ban, but Valve did not change its decision. At the time, Jampii was expected to start the OG CSGO roster. He’s decided to sue Valve for ruining his career.

OG ended up not signing Jampii to ts CSGO team due to his inability to compete. ENCE signed Jamppi as the legal battles continued. But it didn’t seem that Jampii had a chance at court, and ENCE changed its roster in 2021. It is possible that Jamppi had made his banned account before he turned 13, which is contrary to Steam’s rules.

Despite the backlash, Team Liquid was prepared to sign Jampii to its Valorant squad. This gives Jamppi a fresh start to a new esport, allowing him to prove his skills without legal issues. The community has also responded positively to his signing. Fans are hoping to see what Jampii can do now that he’s allowed to compete again.