July 30, 2021


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Team Nigma vs Alliance prediction, Dota Pro Circuit 2021: Season 1

Team Nigma vs Alliance prediction

Team Nigma vs Alliance prediction on Jan 20, 2021. Based on the Alliance – Team Nigma match schedule of DOTA2 teams in the DreamLeague Season 14 DPC EU Upper Division Championship, which will take place on January 21 at 24: 00. After a long period of non-competition, Alliance’s position on the world rankings is ranked 13th.

Team Nigma overview

Similar to most of the top teams in Europe & CIS, Team Nigma also had a holiday period lasting about a month, since the OGA Dota Pit Season 4 tournament. There, Team Nigma is the team that finished third, thereby closing a pretty good year with a total of $ 497,613 in prize money. Due to the long game break time, Team Nigma is currently ranked 12th on the world rankings.

Nigma Recent matches

12/18Natus Vincere2 – 1Nigma
12/17Nigma2 – 1Alliance
12/17Nigma2 – 0Mudgolems
12/16OG2 – 1Nigma
12/15Nigma2 – 1Vikin.gg
12/08Team Liquid2 – 1Nigma

Alliance overview

Team Nigma vs Alliance prediction

Alliance only won 5th place after being defeated by Team Nigma themselves in the semi-final of the OGA Dota Pit Season 4 tournament, which brought a lot of sadness to the fans of the team when they had hoped too much on this tournament. It is known that Alliance was crowned king in the Epic League (Division 2) tournament, and also collected $ 20,000 in prize money from this championship.

The year 2021 kicked off with the regional group stages of the Dota Pro Circuit tournament, looking to find the strongest representatives to be in the main tournament that will take place on March 24. As Team Nigma vs Alliance prediction expert thought, the Alliance players are definitely eager to show themselves off, and quickly regain the fans’ trust.

Alliance Recent matches

01/09Mudgolems1 – 2Alliance
01/07Hellbear Smashers1 – 2Alliance
12/17Nigma2 – 1Alliance
12/17Alliance2 – 1Virtus.pro
12/16Natus Vincere2 – 1Alliance
12/15Alliance2 – 0Mudgolems

Team Nigma vs Alliance prediction

2 teams are judged by Team Nigma vs Alliance prediction experts to be extremely well-balanced, while constantly chasing each other in world and regional rankings. However, there is a rather harsh truth from the last 9 matches of 2 teams, Alliance is the team that only has 3 wins, even their defeats against Team Nigma are lasting into a series of 6 matches continued.

Despite their equal strength, Team Nigma always shows itself as an extremely annoying cavalry opponent every time they play with Alliance, and it is likely that this match will not be an exception.

Team Nigma vs Alliance result prediction

Team Nigma vs Alliance prediction

The total score between Team Nigma vs Alliance

  • Game 1: Team Nigma wins
  • Game 2: Alliance wins
  • Game 3: Team Nigma wins
  • Total score 2-1

Total kill points

  • Game 1: Team Nigma 47 – 44 Alliance
  • Game 2: Team Nigma 25 – 36 Alliance
  • Game 3: Team Nigma 52 – 46 Alliance

First Blood

  • Game 1: Team Nigma
  • Game 2: Team Nigma
  • Game 3: Alliance


  • Team Nigma: Miracle-, w33haa, MinD_ContRoL, KuroKy, GH
  • Alliance: Nikobaby, Limmp, s4, Fng, Handsken

Team Nigma vs Alliance H2H

Team Nigma2 – 1Alliance
Team Nigma2 – 0Alliance
Team Nigma2 – 0Alliance
Team Nigma2 – 1Alliance