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Team Queso is collaborating with Twitch and ESPAT

Team Queso

To highlight the team’s efforts across mobile esports, the Spanish esports organization Team Queso has partnered with Amazon streaming platform Twitch. In addition, the organisation has entered into a partnership for the representation and distribution of its content with digital media licensing provider ESPAT Media.

Team Queso

The agreement with Twitch by Team Queso aims to bring more content from mobile esports to the platform. In order to ‘create even larger communities’ within the mobile esports space, the deal is said to involve Team Queso content creators who will receive Twitch Partner status and occasional home page placement. It is said that the deal will last through July 2021.

Co-Founder and President Álvaro G.Buitrago of Team Queso “We are thrilled to be working side by side with Twitch with the aim of activating the mobile community inside the platform,” Buitrago said.  “We are a leading team for mobile sports, and Twitch is the leading platform for content for sports and gaming. I can’t think of better combination”.

The esports-dedicated media licensing platform founded in 2018, ESPAT, has entered into an agreement with Team Queso to access the digital media assets of the organization. 

This involves the syndication of media resources, including Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, Clash of Clans, and PUBG Mobile, available through the ESPAT licensing platform, across a variety of titles in which Team Queso is active.

Mario Prosperino, co-founder of ESPAT, said in a release: “ESPAT is looking forward to this partnership with Team Queso.” With the 2020 Clash Royale champions, We are quite excited about the future of content capture and digital media distribution in mobile sports and what better way to kick-start our entry into this space.

Team Queso is the third esports organization this month to strike a media rights deal with ESPAT. ESPAT’s Creative Collective was announced by both Misfits Gaming Group and Talon Esports in December as a partner in similar media licensing deals.

Three deals in only a few weeks’ time are a reasonably good example of ESPAT’s vision and value proposition for its licensing program and what it will give its partners. 

We wouldn’t surprised, based on the frequency of these agreements, to see a few more announcements in the up coming months.