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Team Singularity vs Team Unique Prediction – IEM Season XVI – 09/18

Team Singularity vs Team Unique prediction

Team Singularity vs Team Unique prediction

Team Singularity vs Team Unique prediction on September 18, 2021. A match that promises to be relatively evenly matched. Regardless of how much better Team Singularity played compared to Team Unique in the past. They will do everything to get the victory in the IEM Season XVI qualifiers in the CIS region. Instead of going to the bottom bracket, where they are not sure if they can continue when the other branches are also extremely difficult.

Team Singularity Overview

In all 7 competitions in the past, it is easy to see that Team Singularity has won for themselves against Team Unique, most recently in April this year in the IEM Summer 2021 qualifiers. It seems that Team Singularity is the match. Team Unique’s quintessence ever. Currently, although it is Team Unique who is ranked higher on the world rankings with 62nd place, Team Singularity will not be afraid.

Team Unique Overview

Unique is coming to this tournament after an impressive performance at Kayzr League Spring 2021 last May. They defeated UMX (2-0), ZJ (3-1) and were awarded the prize. At the same time, they are 9-12th in EPIC League CIS Closed Qualifier 2021, 9-10th in Dell Gaming League Season 2, and 5-8th in Insane FASTCUP 1. Considering the last 8 matches, they have won 3 matches and lose 5.

Team Singularity vs Team Unique prediction

Comparing the win rate of maps, Team Singularity is completely underdog when there is only Nuke to look forward to. But Dust2 or Overpass and Inferno, their win rate is only slightly lower than the opponent. It can make the ban/pick phase quite unpredictable and Team Unique is not too beneficial in the game here. 

Entering the match, the two sides will play tit-for-tat early on because the skills and strength of the two teams are quite balanced. No individual has ever excelled in both Team Singularity and Team Unique’s lineups. It made the pistols round and the 5-round winning milestone extremely unpredictable. 

Team Unique is in a bit of a mess right now, and while they’re not playing badly. Their playstyles are somewhat predictable this time around. That may be a weakness for Team Singularity to take full advantage of. Both on the T-side and on the CT-side, Team Singularity will control the key areas more effectively than Team Unique. 

Then gradually rise to important key rounds since reaching the 10th winning round unique in this match also have impressive moments of play. But perhaps they will gradually fall short in the end, the haste can make them weak and lose important rounds to their opponents. Just like that, 2 match points came to Team Singularity so they could end the match with a score of 2-0 here.

Team Singularity vs Team Unique bet prediction

Team Singularity vs Team Unique total score prediction:  2 – 0

First 5 rounds:

  • Game 1: Team Singularity 
  • Game 2: Team Unique

Total rounds:

  • Game 1: Team Singularity 16 – 11 Team Unique (Choose Team Singularity – Over)
  • Game 2: Team Singularity 16 – 14 Team Unique (Choose Team Singularity – Over)


Team Singularity: GuardiaN, Norwi, seized, clax, d1Ledez

Team Unique: w1nt3r, dukefissura, icem4N, smiley, sorrow