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Team SMG vs Yangon Galacticos Prediction – BTS Pro Series – 09/09

Team SMG vs Yangon Galacticos prediction

Team SMG vs Yangon Galacticos prediction

Team SMG vs Yangon Galacticos prediction on September 09, 2021. Although they are the bottom team, Yangon Galacticos are the ones who are more appreciated in the ban/pick phase. Their players have quite a rich pool of champions.

Team SMG Overview

With a stronger ranking and strength, of course, the house is highly appreciating Team SMG in this match. Their opponent is also just a team from Myanmar Yangon Galacticos. Although in the previous two encounters with this opponent Team SMG only brought back 1 win and 1 loss. However, in this meeting, Team SMG is in high form when owning a series of 9 consecutive unbeaten matches, while their opponent is having an unconvincing performance.

Yangon Galacticos Overview

It is not surprising that Yangon Galacticos is underrated in the group stage of the BTS Pro Series Asia Pacific region. The recent performance has been seriously degraded. Statistics show that they only won 4 but received 6 losses in their last 10 matches. 

Yangon Galacticos also just had their opening match at BTS Pro Series and had to receive a 0-2 defeat against BOOM Esports. With the current series of poor achievements, it is quite understandable that Yangon Galacticos has to receive another defeat against a stable opponent like Team SMG.

Team SMG vs Yangon Galacticos prediction

Yangon Galacticos’s most vulnerable place is the position of jungler Hao. He is a new player to the Yangon Galacticos squad, so he has not shown his integration. Although it is considered a player with the ability to lane and farm very well. The general pool is not very rich and the contribution to the teamfight is not much.

Meanwhile, Team SMG has an extremely team-based playstyle, looking at their high win rate champions in favor of tankers as well as picks that need a lot of items. Of course, Team SMG’s intentions are very clear, they don’t need to fight hard in the early game. But wanting to spend a lot of time farming enough equipment in long-term fights. 

Even though Yangon Galacticos has a lot of laning players, their coordination in their big teamfight is pretty bad. That leads to the end of the laning phase, the enemy will gradually regain the advantage at the beginning. Gradually getting old leading to a flip when fighting on big targets like Roshan. 

Experts believe that Team SMG will do well in the first two games by freezing the game when it is necessary. Then knocking the opponent down in decisive teamfights. The final score is predicted to be 2-0 in favor of Team SMG, which is the result that many experts agree with.

Team SMG vs Yangon Galacticos bet prediction

Team SMG vs Yangon Galacticos total score prediction:

  • Team SMG 1-0 Yangon Galacticos
  • Team SMG 1-0 Yangon Galacticos

Total score 2-0

Handicap bet (Team SMG is handicapped 1.5 )

Choose Team SMG

First Blood:

  • Game 1: Team SMG
  • Game 2: Yangon Galacticos

Total Kill Point:

  • Game 1: Team SMG 32-19 Yangon Galacticos (Over)
  • Game 2: Team SMG 35-21 Yangon Galacticos (Over)


Team SMG: MidOne,  Roddgeee, Moon,  kpii,   ah fu

Yangon Galacticos: Hao,  Skill Lay?, Young PH,  ZawRain, Lun