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Team Spirit vs Astralis Prediction – ESL Pro League – 08/16

Team Spirit vs Astralis prediction

Team Spirit vs Astralis prediction

Team Spirit vs Astralis prediction on August 16, 2021. After a great performance at IEM Cologne 2021, Astralis is back from an extended player break for the new season and with a new player in their ranks. Now, can the Danes win their first game at ESL Pro League Season XIV, or will Spirit spoil ‘Lucky’ first game against his new team?

Team Spirit Overview

Team Spirit entered the ESL Pro League Season 14 this time after successfully defeating many opponents and taking home the championship at the Pinnacle Cup II tournament. With the recent rise in performance, the bookie believes that the Team Spirit players will bring to this tournament very attractive matches. 

However, in the group of Team Spirit, there are many difficult and powerful opponents in the world. Hopefully, the Team Spirit players can keep their spirits up and promote their good performance to get a ticket to continue with the playoffs after the group stage ends.

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Astralis Overview

Astralis has come a long way at the recent IEM Cologne 2021 tournament. However, the defeat in the clash with G2 caused the Astralis players to stop and receive third place overall. However, it is possible to see some of the strengths and performances of Astralis in the world arena. 

So entering the group stage of this ESL Pro League Season 14 tournament, the bookie thinks that Astralis is absolutely one of the brightest candidates for the ticket to go on to the playoffs. However, it is impossible to completely predict anything until the match has taken place. Let’s wait and see if the Astralis players can successfully conquer their group at ESL Pro League Season 14 this time.

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Team Spirit vs Astralis prediction

It can be seen that Team Spirit and Astralis do not have a big difference and can be considered equal in this match. Although the Astralis players have a better foundation, in terms of performance, they are somewhat inferior to Team Spirit. In the last clash of the two teams at IEM Katowice 2021, Team Spirit brought the final victory with a score of 2-1. The bookie thinks that with this confrontation, it is highly likely that Team Spirit will reappear at the previous victory and defeat Astralis after three intense games.

Team Spirit vs Astralis bet prediction

Team Spirit vs Astralis total score prediction:

  • Map1: Team Spirit
  • Map2: Astralis
  • Map3: Team Spirit

Total score 2-1

Total Rounds: 

  • Map1: Team Spirit 16-9 Astralis
  • Map2: Team Spirit 11-16 Astralis
  • Map3: Team Spirit 16-13 Astralis

Pistol Round Winner:

  • Map1: Team Spirit
  • Map2: Astralis
  • Map3: Astralis

First 5 Rounds Winner:

  • Map1: Team Spirit
  • Map2: Astralis
  • Map3: Team Spirit


Team Spirit: chopper, degster, mir, sdy, magixx

Astralis: Xyp9x, Magisk, dupreeh, gla1ve, Bubzkji