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Team Unique vs Fantastic Five Prediction – Champions League – 07/26

Team Unique vs Fantastic Five Prediction

Team Unique vs Fantastic Five Prediction

Team Unique vs Fantastic Five prediction on July 26, 2021. Gantastic Five’s only hope is probably Cridoz’s jungle position, who possesses an impressive set of personal skills and a diverse pool of champions. However, that alone is not enough because it only meets the early stages of the game. If compared to spAce in the same position on Team Unique’s side, the stats are not much worse but contribute to the overall gameplay of the team is better.

Team Unique Overview

Team Unique is showing extremely impressive performance in the Dota 2 Champions League, with 3 wins remaining 1 loss they keep themselves 2nd place in the rankings. In this round, everything seems simple for Team Unique when the opponent is only Fantastic Five, the only previous encounter Team Unique also won 2-0 against Victory Five. From the above reasons, it can be predicted that a win is not too difficult for Team Unique in this match.

Fantastic Five Overview

Fantastic Five won the right to participate in the Dota 2 Champion League but it seems that this arena is too much for them, 4 matches have passed and Fantastic Five only brought back 1 win, the remaining 3 defeats. Quite disappointing if you look at the defeats without much resistance, they are all defeats with a score of 0-2 showing that Fantastic Five’s strength is too poor. Confronting an opponent who is considered to be superior and is in high form like Team Unique, failure is inevitable for Fantastic Five in this match.

Team Unique vs Fantastic Five prediction

Not only that, Team Unique has a very experienced fn in the mid lane, almost Askold has no door to compare, so the loss in mid lane is not too difficult to understand. In the Offlane position, the two teams are considered to be equal when both Petushara and Lasthero – are quite balanced, each side has their own advantages, but Lasthero – is rated higher at the end of the game. 

However, the turning point in this match is probably in the Sp players, obviously, 633, as well as Le don on the Fantastic Five side, cannot guarantee the safety of carry players. This causes the Fantastic Five to start showing a loss in big combat, but Cridoz or Askold are always easy targets to get caught up in. 

When you have the advantage of the front as well as equipped with Team Unique, you can completely take away the outer turrets, from here strictly control the vision to launch the odd catch phase. From the above analysis plus the poor performance of Fantastic Five, the final score is predicted to be 2-0 in favor of Team Unique.

Team Unique vs Fantastic Five bet prediction

Team Unique vs Fantastic Five total score prediction:

  • Team Unique 1-0 Fantastic Five
  • Team Unique 1-0 Fantastic Five

Total score 2-0 (Team Unique won the handicap 1.5)

First Kill

  • Game 1: Team Unique
  • Game 2: Team Unique

Total Kills:

  • Game 1: Team Unique 34-19 Fantastic Five (Over)
  • Game 2: Team Unique 28-12 Fantastic Five (Under)


Team Unique: spAce,  fn,  Petushara,  SlayeR,  Bignum

Fantastic Five: Cridoz,  Askold,  Lasthero-,  633,  Le don