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Team Vitality vs Complexity Gaming Prediction – ESL Pro League – 09/07

Team Vitality vs Complexity Gaming prediction

Team Vitality vs Complexity Gaming prediction

Team Vitality vs Complexity Gaming prediction on September 07, 2021. The road ahead for Team Vitality and Complexity Gaming will indeed be thorny as the winner will face Gambit in the ESL Pro League semi-finals. However, the first priority of both will be to win this match and Team Vitality will be judged superior by winning 7, losing 4, and having only entered the OT series once with  Complexity Gaming before.

Team Vitality Overview

The rankings are also favoring Team Vitality when they are ranked 8th compared to Complexity Gaming’s 17th. The skills of the members of both sides are undisputed, however, it will still be an unpredictable match for both to find out which name is the most deserving to be in this year’s round.

Complexity Gaming Overview

Having 2nd place in Group A at this year’s ESL Pro League, Team Vitality’s playoffs opponent will be Complexity Gaming. It promises to be an extremely difficult opponent to force ZywOo and his teammates to play extremely hard. 

Only a new effort can raise hopes of winning tickets to the next round. Complexity Gaming only finished Group B in 3rd place. But they also overcame strong opponents like Virtus.pro or G2 Esports to have tickets to continue. The addition of es3tag gives Complexity Gaming more choices in gameplay. Along with the stability of poizon or blameF, they will no longer be afraid of any opponent even a “golden bee” in the upcoming duel stage.

Team Vitality vs Complexity Gaming prediction

Comparing the past performance, Team Vitality is slightly better players when they won 4 and lost 2 in the last 6 matches. Complexity Gaming only won 3 and lost 3, the new members, although they have been relatively integrated with the team’s overall playstyle. They still have some problems in communication or the ability to support each other in many situations. 

The game map ban is also giving an advantage to Team Vitality when they are only inferior to Complexity Gaming in Dust2 and Vertigo. The other map is Ancient, both teams have no parameters when playing quite a bit and do not have a high win rate. 

Overpass is witnessing a series of 6 consecutive wins for Team Vitality. So Complexity Gaming must also be cautious in the ban/pick to help themselves not to lose too much to the opponent. Pistol rounds are sure to be unpredictable as both Team Vitality and Complexity Gaming have met many times in the past. 

Most recently at IEM Summer 2021, the “golden bee” defeated Complexity Gaming 16-8 on the Vertigo map. The skills of the two sides also have no difference in the players. It promises to be an extremely attractive chase in all 3 games. Reaching 5 rounds will also be a competition for both because they both know the advantage when a full buy brings early key rounds to help snowball the match at will.

Team Vitality vs Complexity Gaming bet prediction

Team Vitality vs Complexity Gaming score prediction: 2 – 1

  • Game 1: Team Vitality 11 – 16 Complexity Gaming (Choose Complexity Gaming – Over)
  • Game 2: Team Vitality 16 – 10 Complexity Gaming (Choose Team Vitality – Under)
  • Game 3: Team Vitality 19 – 17 Complexity Gaming (Choose Team Vitality – Over)

First 5 Rounds Win:

  • Game 1: Complexity Gaming
  • Game 2: Team Vitality 
  • Game 3: Team Vitality


Team Vitality: shox, misutaaa, apEX, ZywOo, Kyojin

Complexity Gaming: jks, BlameF, es3tag, poizon, NaToSaphiX