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Team WE vs Rare Atom Prediction – NEST 2021 – 11/12

Team WE vs Rare Atom Prediction

Team WE vs Rare Atom prediction on November 12, 2021. The match between WE vs RA is evaluated on par. This is a very interesting matchup and worth watching.

Team WE Overview

Team WE vs Rare Atom Prediction

After a rather poor performance last season, Team WE is gradually regaining their -image this season. With super rookie Shanks finally joining the roster alongside star beishang, WE have been pretty impressive at the start of this season. And although there has been a slight decline in form since that period. They are still an opponent to watch out for and be able to compete for the title. 

The mainstay of Team WE this season is none other than beisang. He has the ability to both controls the map and helps the team win. However, anything too much is not good, they need to find a way to help beishang ease the responsibility on his shoulders. Or making other players play around him better. WE had a pretty spectacular tower climb in the Summer Playoffs but couldn’t get far enough.

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Rare Atom Overview

Team WE vs Rare Atom Prediction

Entering the season with little to no expectations, Rare Atom has moved up the top half of the charts and gone further. They even beat IG, now even those who doubt and believe them are curious about how far RA will go with their current potential. If Rare Atom wants to win against the top teams, they need to take full advantage of their opponent’s mistakes. 

Their playstyle is to control the map and suffocate the opponent in the future.  A style that is difficult to apply to strong teams in the LPL. RA must be more assertive in their decisions. If they do, they will become a tough opponent to play against any team. RA, after reaching the Playoffs, had an underpowered performance and was eliminated early.

Team WE vs Rare Atom Prediction

Both of these teams have not had any roster changes compared to the summer season. However, WE’s performance is being evaluated much better. It was WE who eliminated RA with a breathtaking 3-2 score and showed their bravery. In fact, WE have a stronger upper half with beishang and breathe. This will be their huge strength when the meta is still moving up the wing with a lot of damage champions. 

Team WE vs Rare Atom Prediction

Meanwhile, RA is more about late-game teamfights where iBoy can shine. FoFo is also a potential mutant and is also the object that Shanks wants to target to prove himself. If RA can extend the game through Dragon Souls then they will have a better chance. But it will be difficult for Rare Atom as beishang is famous for his control and double-sided swing. The result is predicted to be a close victory for WE.

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Team WE vs Rare Atom Bet Prediction

Team WE vs Rare Atom total score prediction:

  • Game 1: WE won

Total score 1-0

First blood:

  • Game 1: WE

First Dragon:

  • Game 1: WE

Total kills:

  • Game 1: WE 11 – 7 RA


WE: breathe, Elk, beishang, Mole, Shanks, Stay, Missing

RA: Cube, iBoy, Aix, Leyan, FoFo, Hang, Maestro