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Team WE vs Rare Atom Prediction – LPL Summer – 08/20

Team WE vs Rare Atom prediction

Team WE vs Rare Atom prediction

Team WE vs Rare Atom prediction on August 20, 2021. Rare Atom is a team that favors early game teamfights. As you can see they bring in more early kills than Team WE. However, in a Bo5 matchup that seems like a trivial matter, Team WE has many names that are enough to regain the advantage even when losing the first victory.

Team WE Overview

Only finishing in 7th place made Team WE have to start the playoff stage right from the first series. But they excellently eliminated two opponents, Oh My God with Bilibili Gaming with a score of 3-0. However, the next opponent of Team WE is not easy when it comes to Rare Atom. Although many experts are still confident that Team WE will continue when they have won the previous two Rare Atom encounters.

Rare Atom Overview

Excellently taking 6th place after the group stage helped Rare Atom only have to start in the 3rd match. But the opponent in this round seems to be quite good when facing Team WE. It can be said that this is a very improved season for Rare Atom compared to the spring when they only finished in 7th place. But relying too much on FoFo has always been a problem for this team. Against a Team WE possessing the full experience, it is highly likely that this will still be a failure for Rare Atom.

Team WE vs Rare Atom prediction

In fact, Rare Atom’s dragon-eating rate is only slightly better than Team WE’s, which proves that they don’t control the map too well. Rare Atom always expects the opponent to make mistakes in the early game. That helps them snowball the opponent strongly in the next phase. 

However, if you look at the relationship between the forces of the two sides, Rare Atom only has more losses. But it is difficult to have many opportunities, so remember that Breathe, beishang, or Shanks are not afraid to fight. When there is no advantage from pushing the squad but losing map control to the opponent. Rare Atom can completely fall into Team WE’s odd trap in the late game. 

Team WE are also a team that brings back Baron very quickly whenever the opponent makes a mistake. From the reasons above, the final score in this match is predicted to be 3-1 in favor of Team WE.

Team WE vs Rare Atom bet prediction

Team WE vs Rare Atom total score prediction:

  • Game 1: Team WE
  • Game 2: Rare Atom
  • Game 3: Team WE
  • Game 4: Team WE

Total score 3-1 (Team WE win)

Handicap bet (Team WE is handicapped 1.5 )

Choose Team WE

First Blood:

  • Game 1: Team WE
  • Game 2: Rare Atom
  • Game 3: Rare Atom
  • Game 4: Team WE

Total Kill Point:

  • Game 1: Team WE 16-6 Rare Atom (Under)
  • Game 2: Team WE 10-21 Rare Atom (Over)
  • Game 3: Team WE 13-5 Rare Atom (Under)
  • Game 4: Team WE 19-12 Rare Atom (Over)


Team WE: Breathe, Elk, beishang, Shanks, Missing

Rare Atom: Cube,  iBoy, Leyan,  FoFo, Hang