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Teamfight Tactic Guide: The Set 4 Best Comps to Play

Set 4 Best Comps

Set 4 Best Comps

There are only a few days left until we start a new set up, Teamfight Tactics with TFT: Fates, and many players are wondering what will be the best team. We had to play a large number of games on the PBE server, looking at which champions were successful in the Quad, trying out many of the recommended champions based on our initial impressions of classes and units. Based on the games we played and the streamers we watched, here are the set 4 best comps that will be played the most on day one.

Set 4 Best Comps – Moonlight/Hunters

 Set 4 Best Comps

First, let’s get rid of this because this will be one of the most competitive and Set 4 best comps when it drops before it is immediately nerfed. The collection is based on Aphelios, who is possibly the strongest unit in Teamfight Tactics Set 4, and includes two of his other Moonlight components and then pairs him with several Hunters (Kindred, Ashe, and Warwick are the best).

This is a super roll comp, so make sure you deposit that amount early and other players are not in competition with you (very unlikely). The core items will be Guardian Angel and Guinsoo’s Rageblade from Aphelios.


The devotees are likely to be the Cybernetics of the Set 4 best comps, where we mean a solid and secure “backup” collection when you really don’t know what to build. You rarely win games with a follower, but you probably won’t win as often as Saturday or 8th.

One of the more powerful difficulties facing the Cultists collection, however, is the Cultist / Duelists, built around the most powerful individual Cultist, Kalista. Give her a gong and a gong with a few other Gladiators (Jax, Lee Sin, and Yasuo are the best), and pair her with two Cultists (Aatrox and Zilean are the best) for quite a while easily.

Set 4 Best Comps – Sharpshooters

This is one of the more versatile comps in the Set 4 best comps because there are some wrinkles that you can make with Sharpshooters depending on your items and the champions you hit. If you get a lot of original AP and/or more Nidalee items, you can easily use the Warlord / Sharpshooter comp (super roll Nidalee).

If you get lots of BF Swords or Brawler’s Gloves, throw them at Jhin as you did in the movie Dark Stars and pair him with the two similar Followers above to get the Devotees / People collection. sharp. In the end, if you have nothing else but attack speed, set them on Jinx and move slowly for a Fortune-telling Master / Sniper with Tahm Kench and Sejuani as the front laner.


 Set 4 Best Comps

This is perhaps the most surprising of the TFT Set 4 best comps, but it goes against the dominant Moonlight / Hunter and Sharpshooter champions that dominate the meta. The basic premise is to stack every AP and mana item on Morgana and any AD or defense items on Yone, and just make those two invincible because your opponent has attack speed public can hardly do anything.

The benefit of these t-shirts is that, like Sharpshooters, there can be a lot of wrinkles. You can go full Mystery with Yuumi, Shen, Janna, and Zilean or you can go Assassin by building around Talon (with Pyke, Diana, and Katarina). The only key units in all of these champions are Morgana, Shen, Fiora, Janna, Irelia, and one of the Yone / Talon.