April 19, 2021


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Tekken 7: Quick Basic Tutorial for Playing Eddy Gordo

Eddy Gordo

Eddy Gordo

Eddy Gordo is a playable capoeira warrior in Tekken’s series of fighting games. He made his debut in Tekken 3 and back in all sequels. He learned Capoeira from his master.

The personality of Eddy Gordo

Eddy Gordo

Eddy seems to be a very loyal person, doing his best to repay the capoeria master’s kindness.

Eddy Gordo Story

Version 1 (Craft): The son of a wealthy Brazilian industrialist, Eddy seeks revenge for the ‘Organization’ that took his father’s life and put him in jail without reason. Eddy joins the Tournament with the intention of taking over the Mishima Financial Empire so he can use its resources against the Organization.

Version 2: Eddy Gordo was born into the richest family in Brazil. Ever since he was a boy, he knew he would one day take over the family business. He is admired by many people back home because he is a hard worker and sees others as his equal.

One day, when he was 19 years old, Eddy came home from school when his father had been shot dead. He recounts that his father has been unusually nervous and frightened in recent weeks.

Eddy’s father was working at the time to destroy a drug business in Brazil. His untimely death happened as soon as he had enough evidence to get the pair of kings going well. During the last breaths of his breath, Eddy’s father told him, “Now is not the right time to fight. Sincerely confess his crime and escape to prison. Only there you can be.” peaceful”. Eddy fulfilled his father’s last wish and the model student went from a luxurious life to being locked up as a murderer.


Eddy Gordo is a cunning character who has a lot more technique than he allows. While he seemed “beginner-friendly”, Eddy had to be played in a way that was very unpredictable. With fast attacks and two main attacks that start a powerful mixed-combat ability, Eddy can become a very formidable opponent if he does not learn carefully. Eddy is an easy fighter, difficult to master, with an emphasis on the player’s creativity when attacking.

Eddy fights using Capoeira, a Brazilian art form that incorporates elements of martial arts, sports, and music.

Combos of Eddy

Eddy Gordo
  • DF3+4, B+3,3, RLX 2,3, B+2,4 S! DASH D+2,3, RLX 3
  • RLX 3~4, B+3,3, RLX 2,3, B+2,4 S! DASH D+2,3, RLX 3
  • RLX 4~3, HSP 2, WS+4, QCF+3, B+2,4 S! DASH D+2,3, RLX 3
  • WS+1,3, RLX 4 S!, DASH B+3,3, RLX 2,4,3


  • RLX 4 ~ 3: the infamous low-launcher
  • RLX 1,3 (~ d): good low slit penetration
  • RLX 2: A good safe mid laner will expect one of many extensions so they won’t retaliate although the vortex is minus use this to your advantage.
  • RLX 4: Homing wallsplatting mid but was -13 blocked even though no one punished it because everyone thought it was safe for some reason.
  • d + 4, (3): low fast but launch may be punished
  • d / f + 4: slow low range but the great track on CH with u + 3 and large range. -14 is too safe compared to many of Eddy Gordo other lows.
  • d / b + 2: Great range and great high crush. Dead on the block.
  • b + 1,4: Can hold back to switch to hsp or press 3 to track in the middle of unsafe. You should make one of those two options even if you know the opponent will block and punish the cuz, otherwise, it could be punished.