April 21, 2021


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Tekken 7: Quick Basic Tutorial for Playing Julia Chang

Julia Chang

Julia Chang

Julia Chang is a video game character from the Tekken series. She is the adopted daughter of Michelle Chang who taught her how to fight, which is why they share the same fighting style. Julia first appeared in Tekken 3, and has since appeared in all subsequent releases, as well as appearing as her alternate ego, a Luchadora named Jaycee, in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Julia replaced Michelle in the Tekken series, with her character taking the following movement set. Julia hopes to one day replant the Arizona forest, where both Michelle and Julia live.

Julia Chang Introduction

Julia Chang

Julia is a very plump character. She has great moves like FF1, a fast mid-move type that moves forward, and shotgun (d, df1) is another fast mid so she is extremely good at obstructing

Approach to the opponent and take them down. It’s hard to define gameplay for Julia Chang as she is quite flexible but the closest would be a match / okizeme based character with a strong neutral. She can bully ff1 and set the game meta from there (just -2) by moving, CH, etc.

Julia has really powerful blows, she has King’s dazzling witch (fff1 + 2) and is also instantaneous (break 1 + 2) and her infamous Mad Axes (wear although Michelle has an older version of it, Julia / Jaycee has a weaker / weaker version of it but the concept is the same)

This grab can be done via qcb f2, the amazing thing about this snap is that it’s very fast, really padded, and extremely dangerous considering Julia’s maneuverability with the ff1 and shotgun and has short windows for breaking. She also has a bunch of other capture commands, but these are the main ones.

Her FC mixup is another platform for her gameplay, bow and arrow (FC df43) is a low/medium natural kill, making for incredibly powerful oki in previous Tekken. Her mid lane picks to complement this is WS1 launcher or WS3 securely homing mid with a JF combo.

Julia Chang can establish this FC fusion when her opponent respects her due to her strong CHs.



  • Strong Neutral
  • Dumb at wall game
  • Some of the best grabs
  • High damage output and carry
  • Explosive comeback potential


  • Must accept the risk of comebacks
  • No generic df1/d4
  • There is no powerful CH launcher outside of standing status 4

Julia Chang Key Moves

Julia Chang

FF1 – in short, this is Julia Chang, this move will account for 50% of your moves. Treat it like a generic df1. It’s mid that can be done in 12f, you can also delay ff to re-link with your opponent. It is an elbow for it to beat breakups/reversals, etc. Julia uses ff1 to block their approach and begin her pressure game overclocking process.

It’s -2 on the block so she has lots of options, SS / backdash for tying blows and punishing with hopscotch jumps moves like 111 / magic 4 to CH them if they mix things slower. This is one of the best mid lanes in the imo series and it’s a very oppressive move. It has a follow-up with ff14 to prevent them from crushing afterward but it’s pretty high so it’s risky. On CH, you can do combo d, df1 ~ 4.1 but it’s very tight.