April 18, 2021


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Tekken 7: Quick Basic Tutorial for Playing Lei Wulong

Lei Wulong

Lei Wulong

Lei Wulong is a very complicated character. He’s effectively the longest movelist in the game, 5 times furious driving and more than twice as many poses as anyone else. He can do a ton of quirky things like heal, hand-sharpen himself, and access many special move options. As a result, he can be played in a variety of ways, while barely mastering it. He is a free footballer’s dream and has the most options you can think of.

Lei Wulong Basic Properties

Lei Wulong

He’s not a backaway character, which means he allows simple backslash cancellation, as well as unique movement options with haha ​​steps. Lei Wulong is slightly smaller than the average size and does not allow special combinations specifically for his character. He has standard jabs, i13 df1 (-4 on the block), crouch jab with d1, etc. but lack of general d4.

He has a semi-stable BT stance, which means he can turn his back to the opponent, but hitting the back will make him come back like most characters. Steady step and ok backdash (there’s also character-specific backdash that puts him on par with vortex for top-level BDs), his small frame help a bit of dodge when moving and stepping, especially in an animal pose.

Lei Wulong Punishers


  • i10: 11 (19 damage, SNK with f), 21 (23 damage), 12 (+6 on hit)
  • i14: 33 (47 damage, + on hit into BT), 1+2 1 (28 damage, goes into BT at +8 on hit)
  • i15: df2, uf4 (60+ damage combos)
  • i19: ff3 (65+ damage combos)

From Crouch:

  • i10: ws3 (25 damage, -3 on hit), FC d1
  • i14: ws21 (27 damage)
  • i16: ws3+4 (full combo)
  • i19: ff3 (full combo)
  • Fn1 (razor rush)

Lei Wulong Main Moves


Every character needs them. Common 1 is i10 and +1 on the block and like most of his fastest moving characters. He also has dexterous stabs with d1 and db2, making for an i10 to be appreciated, don’t forget that in terms of defense (also put lei in FC to watch).

His streak comes in several variations: 11 is a natural combo that helps Lei Wulong move forward a good distance. 11f converts to snakes fast enough on hit to hit snakes 1 or 2, and destroys stab retaliation even when blocked with a snake SSR against Panther. 21 and f21 (i10 and i12 respectively) are also NC and have higher damage, good attack range, and 2nd hit is mid-range (but -8 when blocking, usually skip turns).

The 3 + 4 extension was just a natural combination when the second hit landed alone CH, but on the other hand, it was in the middle of it and only -11 on the block while the wall was thrown out. You might surprise it with this delayable extension, or it can even mask poor frames of drunk posture transitions (f21 ~ f).


Lei Wulong

Appears in 13 frames, but -4 on the block. However, it has an extension in the form of df11, which is both a natural and safe match on the block (-9). The way Lei Wulong hits it gives very little scope, but it’s still useful and sometimes hits horizontally.

The 2nd attack is high, but it comes out quickly, so it rarely gets punctured. Also, there’s a third hit extension in the form of df111, which ends in the middle and is only -10 on the block as well as potentially delayed.

Also, the third attack will naturally combine if the second hit lands and it also hits the wall dealing massive damage. The low risk of extension threats helps make up for poor frames of the initial hit and can help you take control of basic scenarios and block buttons.

Also, it recommends that Lei Wulong step back after df1 is blocked instead of attacking immediately to avoid quick retaliation instead of trying to force the situation at -4. Honestly, that’s not the best df1, but any df1 can be useful, even if it’s just to combine with d4 to end life.