April 18, 2021


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Tekken 7: Quick Basic Tutorial for Playing Leo Kliesen

Leo Kliesen

Leo Kliesen

Leo Kliesen is a flexible and powerful character that can be played in many ways. He can be played creatively using a variety of poses including BOK and KNK, along with bow mixes and a variety of movement scenarios. Also, he can play extremely basic, using just key moves like jabs, df1, lows, d1 for the counter, and df2 for punishment. He also has some good defensive picks like parries, and backstroke in db3. His tracking ability was generally poor, however, and his more intense moves had a slow start.

Leo Kliesen Pros and Cons

Leo Kliesen


  • Strong counterattack game, many moves deal more damage or combine full when counterattack.
  • The potential combines great with threat lows, dealing damage like hellsweep along with other lows that give a frame advantage on hits, like df2 + 3 and b1 + 4.
  • Having good situational defense options in matches can “punish” safe chains by using b1 + 3, ub1, 2 + 3 or b1 + 2.
  • The best 11f punisher in game at ws4 1 + 2, along with a good standing block penalty.
  • Dangerous wall game, some safety wall splashing in the middle along with low level can get the opponent stuck in a bad position.


  • Although Leo Kliesen does have some of the more rewarding moves in counter-attacks, he doesn’t have the same quick counter-movement as the magic 11f 4 leading to an easy combo. He has 13f magic 4, and full matching after that is difficult.
  • Very linear, tracking is a bit slower, so it can be difficult to deal with opponents with good movements.
  • His stronger moves have a longer warm-up time, making Leo Kliesen more susceptible to getting hit by faster buttons like Magic 4 and jabs.
  • The game pressure is a bit weak, he doesn’t have a lot of moves with an outside goal advantage d2 and bok3, and b14 is a big risk if the opponent has an avoidable character.
  • Any other low other than df2 + 3 and d4 are -13 or worse, which could be dangerous for 13f medium-launch characters like Josie and Kazuya.

Top Moves

Leo Kliesen
  • Qcf1: Critical lows required for Leo due to range of activities, tracking capabilities guaranteed with WS4 1 + 2 on ch.
  • BOK (d1 + 2): BOK is necessary to be neutral on Leo Kliesen, as it can force the opponent to try to cope, otherwise it could lead to overwhelming mixed battles with BOK3 pressure. An empty BOK is also good as it can bend over any move, and will most likely block slower moves that the opponent tries to respond to BOK.
  • Hellsweep: This low is needed to make the opponent at least dodge at least occasionally, although it’s extremely risky, with great tracking and damage, it makes up for the risk.
  • Df1: A core slot needed to attack, doesn’t have too much jet lag so it’s great for the attack.
  • D1: One of the best ch moves since it only has -3 on the block so it can still generate more pressure, also has a good range.
  • D2: Good mid for pressure even though it is linear.
  • Df2: Great punisher, good for guarding because some characters are difficult to punish this move on the maximum range.
  • Qcf3 + 4: Good damage on hit and still leaves Leo Kliesen with defense options if it’s blocked, the range can be extended with dash ducked.
  • Db1 + 2.1: A sequence can be very dangerous if you can validate it against a wall, along with a delay between hits creating a mix.
  • Uf21: Safe chain that can fight opponents crouching well while still getting good damage by using easy follow-up with d4,2 or full combo with qcf3 with a full shot.
  • Qcf21: Good tool to use in the neutral position, can use qcf2 on his own to do decent damage with ff3 BOK2 on track, and both turns are safe when repelled.