April 21, 2021


Game CMD 368

Tekken 7: Quick Basic Tutorial for Playing Nina Williams



Nina is a very “sticky” plunge character in such a way that she can keep on long attacks. She excels at the blank spot; With her many moves has the ability to cancel into step aside, allowing her to continue her offense. In particular, the destructor SS1 has a very large + bracket on the block and can be repeated to freeze your opponent, especially at a wall they cannot step back from it.

Basic Properties/Punishers


Nina is one of the 3 reversing characters in the game, so KBD is difficult if you want the right movement. The easy way to start streaking 2 back steps with her (that’s all you need until a higher rank) is to do b, b, and hold the 2nd backspace as you roll towards db. This ensures you never hit d yourself, making you safer and easier to avoid qcb movements. Follow this with a roll from the back db, then you can continue to do another reverse input to complete the second backdash. Don’t worry about this if you are a novice, just start using the basic dash.

Nina Standing Punishers

  • i10: 1,2 jabs (17 damage, +5 on hit), 1,4 (24 damage, +1 on hit)
  • i12: b2,2 (28 damage, +5 on hit)
  • i14: df3,4 (34 damage, +7 on hit, free mid-low mixup if desired), f3 (30 damage + wall splat)
  • i15: df2 (60+ damage combo) (Doesn’t launch crouchers on normal hit)
  • i16: b1+4 (70+ damage combo)
  • i18: uf2,1 (75 damage combo)
  • Crouching Punishers
  • i10: d+1 (5 damage, +6 on hit)
  • i11: ws4 (15 damage, +7 on hit)
  • i13: ws1 1+2 (35 damage, KND and wall splat), ws3~1+2 (possible chain grab followups)
  • i15: ws2 (60ish damage combos)
  • i18: uf2,1 (75 damage combo)

Nina Long Range Moves


Fff1 + 2

This move is probably the best approach of Nina in season 3. It gives her a fair amount of distance when blocking lane (beware, there’s still some backlash so it’s only part of the jungler. of hers is actually available as a sequel) with a hot-selling step that’s +4 on the block. This move shatters low range when she doesn’t touch the ground and deals great damage.

It specifically shines on the wall where the resistance is reduced, and it even shoots the wall against high-damage wall combos, making it especially uncomfortable in situations. You have an opponent leaning against the wall.

Remember that like all running moves, it is difficult to do at close range, while it is easier to do further away.


This move of Nina will cover a large range and mix when hitting basic while hitting mid and completely safe. It also jumps over lows. The problem is that the frames are bad enough that your turn will appear if it is blocked, so don’t take it as too much a free approach as a long-range possibility. Starting up isn’t very fast either. B1 + 3 can catch retaliation from this. Strong against those who whistled randomly in the range or moved forward at the wrong time, as well as caption hard.