April 23, 2021


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Tekken 7: Quick Basic Tutorial for Playing Paul Phoenix

Paul Phoenix

Paul Phoenix

Paul is a monster of a high-risk character, moves with high rewards, and has a lot of tools to scare opponents at the press of a button. He has insane amounts of damage, especially at walls, and is exceptionally deadly with rage, where he is the only character capable of canceling his rage Jutsu to increase combo damage. , and also one of the few characters who can wall very far away from their rage (coincidentally an elevated Deathfist).

Paul Strategy Guide

Paul Phoenix

Paul is one of the classic characters in the game. Since his long-range is not that good, you need to close the gap and force the opponent to make a mistake after getting confused by your difficult combos. At close range, his Demoman allows him to take down opponents that you can combine with qcf + 2. Furthermore, thanks to his incredible attacks, your opponent will have to break down.

Not only is his attacks ‘+’ on the block, but he also has an i12 high-shot and a mid-CH launcher. In addition, he also has a backward path with his own attacks. Coming to his punishment, he has an i14 vertical launcher and a WS i13 launcher. Basically, his punishments are pretty good and do good damage. On the other hand, he has low-profile attacks, easy to read, and lacks range.

Given his combined potential, Paul has u / f + 4 and d / f + 2 as some launchers. As a combination for beginners you could try d / f + 2, 3, 2, b + 1, 2, Screw!, Qcf + 2. In case you don’t know, you need to do ‘ qcf ‘is finally exactly like Hadouken in the Street Fighter game. If you need something a little more advanced you could use d / f + 2, qcf + 1, 1, b + 1, 2, Screw!, Forward Dash, d + 4, 1, 1 + 2 Connecting the last 1 + 2 after d + 4, 1 requires extremely strict timing and you have to practice it for this damage combo if you want to avoid 50/50. When it comes to wall combos, you need to go with 3, 2 into d + 1 + 2.

Pros and Cons

Paul Phoenix


  • Excellent damage output overall, especially in walls; has some launchers and mini-combo (mostly safe) launchers, as well as good oki.
  • Best gadgets among anger mechanisms in the game; The art of rage can be canceled and Deathfist’s rage motivates that wall to detach from a distance.
  • Incredible move; own fastest homing moves in the game (b + 1, i12); qcb + 4 is + on the block and both it and u / b + 2 are CH launchers.
  • Incredible risk/reward ratio with combinations; the safety and/or undoing of major moves can make it difficult for many characters to find loopholes and punish Paul.


  • Sometimes you will have trouble with counter-moves; standard launchers can make noise -15 or worse; Repulsive sanctions (Deathfist, f, F + 2: 1) are unstoppable from the stun block.
  • More susceptible to runaway strategies due to less secure approach options; tends to be weaker without walls.
  • Ranges from risk (stun when blocking) to mediocre (too slow or discontinue on hit, though this varies for CH for some)