April 18, 2021


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Tekken 7: Quick Basic Tutorial for Playing Sergei Dragunov



Coming from the Dark Resurrection, Sergei Dragunov is a highly motivated character who can hover between his ability to control long-range space and his ability to attack continuously. He can associate strong moves with the advantage of blocking until the opponent cracks it, and if they keep moving, his entourage with his powerful swipes can be realized. show work. His wallow is one of the strongest in the game, and he has a wide range of tools, covering a huge variety of situations, despite still having useful moves one can take. Keep it in your pocket to make your opponent guess.

Dragunov Overview


Besides being a relentlessly moving pitbull, he also has long legs and a number of moves that allow him to control space and hold his opponent even at range 2, which is not the range. especially comfortable for many other characters. The ideal range of Dragunov is a range of 0 (just in front of them) or 2 (two backward marks).

Dragunov Top Moves

df + 1

Average speeds are fast at 13f, which should cram any effort; however, it is susceptible to sideways jumps and sometimes backward (depending on the distance.) Good for those who prefer to make follow-up attempts with jabs. When hit, it gives Dragunov a significant advantage for extra effort to follow, and when blocked it is just -2, which allows for some sort of freaking game to slip through. Another benefit is that df + 1 has followed NCc with df + 1,4; someone trying a stab would be CH, let this happen. (Be careful when tracking not on a CH, and this is difficult to confirm a CH, but there is an option there.)

b + 4.3

Another good mid lane that catches up with everyone; like b + 1 + 2, it’s quite linear (although it has a longer reach). It’s safe on the block, albeit negative, discouraging any real followers after that, but at 15f it will catch people who probably predict b + 1 + 2 and try to cram it. It doesn’t have a purely b + 1 + 2 reward, d + 3 + 4 when opened, nor does it give a full launch like df + 2, but aside from being safe by the wall, this move could lead to devastating ups.

The move is not confined to the block so that 3 people can be overturned. B + 4 has no real track (3 has a number.)

b + 4,2,1

This is also a possible trace; Since this is an NCc, you can try this for people who seem to want to try to counter-attack with something slower than a stab; since b + 1 + 2 can be interrupted by moves slower than its 21 frame rate, those trying something riskier may be CH. This will deal massive damage and cause him to stay at +5 frames again, leveling up once more. If the move is not CH, the combo will not end, but b + 4,2 still gives Dragunov an advantage when hit. The string is linear.

Dragunov Pros and Cons



  • Top 3 WS punishment.
  • Strong wall carry.
  • Powerful wall game.
  • Amazing poking game.
  • Huge comeback potential.
  • Strong whiff punishment.


  • No hopkick.
  • Slow CH launchers.
  • The high-hit boxes in some of his mid lanes mean they can be crushed more easily.